Dodgers to make a huge free $windfall$ off Manny Ramirez

John GrayCorrespondent IAugust 3, 2008

Dodger management made a brilliant deal by accepting the Red Sox headache of Manny Ramirez.  The Dodgers will make a windfall of millions for free, since the Red Sox are paying the remaining $7 million of his contract, in the two months Manny is with the Dodgers. 

Even after letting it be known they were willing to pick up the remaining $7 million of his salary this season, the Sox were not overwhelmed with offers for the 36 year old slugger. The Red Sox were dire to rid themselves of Manny and the Dodgers astutely jumped at the opportunity to gain a much needed slugger for the weak lineup for a playoff run, a national box office attraction, and for a free two month try out.

The Dodgers have a much improved chance to make the playoffs and can perhaps make an impact in the postseason. The Dodgers instantly became relevant again in a similar manner as when the Celtics acquired KG and Ray Allen. The Dodgers were fast becoming second page news to the crosstown Angels.  The Dodgers are now front page news again and gain immediate national exposure that has been long absent.

The cash registers are already ringing in Dodgertown. Manny already brought over 10,000 extra ticket sales his first weekend plus added to concession and souvenir sales. Sports Radio talk show host Jim Rome has an apparant man crush on Manny and is gushing at having him in Dodger blue.

Regardless of the Dodger/Manny  love fest, management can not lose site of reality come contract time as Manny is 36 years old.  Dodger fans can enjoy the moment with the cheaper $30 Manny t-shirts but need to avoid getting the $200 jersey since the long term contract with Manny, that he wanted from Boston, would not be prudent. 

Acquiring Manny was a much needed and brilliant short term move by Dodger management.  The only loser in the deal is the leftover Dodger outfielders who lose playing time.   Just hope the honeymoon lasts for at least the remainder of the year.