Dale Earnhardt Jr. Might Be Finding Out Green Is An Unlucky Color

Sal Sigala Jr.Senior Analyst IJune 1, 2016

John Harrelson/Getty Images

Call it a superstition, or call it a phobia, but logically speaking it’s only a color which has no mind of its own, nor does it have a way of predicting its own outcome.

Whoever or wherever it originated from is still one of the great unknown secrets around the motorsports community, which to most race fans they could care less just as long as it doesn’t affect their driver.

A green painted race car at one time was deemed unlucky, with the legend dating back to 1920 when Gaston Chevrolet crashed his green Frontenac into the Duesenberg of Eddie O’Donnell, killing both drivers along with O’Donnell’s mechanic during a race in Beverly Hills, California.

Ever since that tragic accident, throughout the years many of NASCAR’s most popular drivers have followed the trend which also included Hendrick Motorsports driver Tim Richmond.

Richmond refused to drive a car sponsored by Folger's decaffeinated coffee because the primary color was green; so instead he wound up in the Folger's regular coffee car - and its red scheme.

While keeping in mind that old superstitions never die, could the reason behind Hendrick Motorsports driver Dale Earnhardt Jr.’s streak of bad races, be attributed to his Amp Energy green paint scheme?

Earnhardt, who is in his third season with Hendrick Motorsports, missed the chase in 2009 and is once again finding himself in jeopardy of missing the postseason party for the second straight year.

Earnhardt has not had the very best of luck with 16 top-five, 27 top-10 finishes, and one win in 94 starts with a team which was supposed to put him in championship contention.

Throughout the last couple of seasons, Earnhardt’s fans have come up with some pretty interesting scenarios while trying to pinpoint how their star driver could go from being competitive, to just another mediocre middle of the pack driver.

The move to Hendrick Motorsports came with some extremely high expectations, and yet not one of them has been remotely close to being met.

Instead it’s been a constant flow of excuses after excuses, and to make matters worse there is no solution to what is plaguing the team,s foreseeable future.  

After exhausting all the options which included hiring a new crew chief, maybe the only one left is to change the color of the car, and put that old myth to rest once and for all.