Defensive Midfielders : Who Is The Best Of The Premier League?

Salaar ShamsiSenior Writer IAugust 2, 2008

After the first two editions of "Who Is The Best Of The Premier League" which were based on Central Midfielders and Strikers.

Steven Gerrard upstaged Cesc Fabregas as the Best Central Midfielder in the Premier League after the voting was completed.

I noticed they had become hugely popular and well, there's no stopping now!

This time we turn our attention to Defensive Midfielders or Holding Midfielders (The Hunting Dogs in the centre of the pitch).

The departures of Makelele, Gilberto and a couple of other lads from the Premier League have hurt the intensity of this article.

Remember, we will only be talking about Defensive Midfielders so don't expect Lampard, Ronaldo or Fabregas to pop out of nowhere.

After the first two editions nurtured three pick of the day votes each, I figured they were a hit and who knows maybe this one will gather even more.

I'm picking some contenders, then the readers will hopefully pick the best out of them and in the process we will create another healthy debate, so here goes..



Owen Hargreaves (Manchester United-England)

Hargreaves has got a slight bulky figure, which he puts to very efficient use, he is reliable in the holding midfielder’s role because he has the ability to find the gaps and create goals, he often matches pin point accuracy.

United’s away game at Liverpool last season was a classic example of Hargreaves can do the ‘dirty work’ very well. He can be creative when needed, he will always take the yellow if the team needs him to take it, and he stands out as an example of a real ‘professional’ add to that his incredible set pieces and you have a package any team would dream of having.

He’s not as hard a tackler as the likes of Mascherano and Essien but he works tirelessly hard from the first whistle to the last always charging in towards the opposition.

Is he the Best?

Micheal Essien (Chelsea-Ghana)

Micheal Essien is a very important part of Chelsea's setup, he has an ability to attack which can be easily matched with his defensive abilities.

He can do everything, he is fierce, he has a great mentality.What Essien truly is, is a real fighter, he has often been termed as Chelsea's saviour like that game against Arsenal at Stamford Bridge, a couple of seasons ago.

Is he the Best?


Javier Mascherano (Liverpool-Argentina)

Mascherano is a holding midfielder in a very traditional sense, he is the hard man of the team, not afraid to get stuck in, throw himself infront of a shot to block it, or face off with opposition players.

If the choice is get a yellow card, or allow a dangerous striker to get through at the defence, he'll take the yellow 9 times out of 10.

Mascherano isn't much of a 'footballer's footballer' but he is very efficient and always a prominent part of Rafael Benitez's plans.

Is he the Best?

I'll keep it to three for this edition, besides who have I missed out on? Denilson? Huddlestone? Butt? Reo Coker? Mullins? Boateng? Hamann? Diop? Palacios? Diarra?

"No worries, if I've missed out on somebody, your vote in your comment will still count for him."

Remember, we will only be talking about Defensive Midfielders so don't expect Lampard, Ronaldo or Fabregas to pop out of nowhere.

Who do you think is the best central midfielder in the Premier League and he doesn't have to be from these six?