My SummerSlam 2010 Predictions

Michael MalnicofContributor IAugust 14, 2010

Alright Readers The Biggest Blockbuster of the Summer, SummerSlam 2010 is just 2 days away and here are my predictions for the event.

Match 1- The Intercontinental Championship Kofi Kingston vs Dolph Ziggler (c).

I Have to give this match to Dolph Ziggler as he won't lose it a week after winning it and He Deserves a Clean Win Over Kofi after his IC Shot being forgotten last year. After the Match Kofi will go burserk again and I can see A Heel Kofi Kingston coming.       Winner - Dolph Ziggler (c)

Match 2 - The Divas Championship Melina vs Alicia Fox (c)

Ahh it is Great to have Melina back, an actual Diva that can Wrestle Well. However Alicia Fox has shown that she does have some ring ability and I See the WWE Have her Holding on to the Belt until Night Of Champions where Melina will hopefully lose alot of ring rust and be able to carry the Divas Title.  Winner - Alicia Fox (c)

Match 3 - 3-on-1 Handicap Match  Big Show vs The Straight Edge Society (CM Punk, Luke Gallows, and Joey Mercury)

This has the potential to be an Above Average Match and I am waiting to see what Punk can do coming off the Shoulder Surgery. I expect Gallows and Mercury to carry most of the load with Big Show. I give this match to the SES (I am a Certified Member of the SES) as 2 Superstars and Gallows is too much for even the Giant Jr. I see Mercury getting Chokeslamed and Gallows Getting knockedout but Punk somehow stealing the victory over Big Show. Winner - The Straight Edge Society

Match 4 - World Heavyweight Championship Rey Mysterio vs Kane (c)

Let me just start out by saying that this is the Easiest Prediction for SummerSlam as You' ve Got Undertaker Coming Back and Rey who needs to have Sugery so I see Kane Winning and Retaining the World Title. Kane deserves a longer reign than 1 day and 1 month and he destoyed Mysterio at Money in the Bank in 1 minute. However, as Kane wins with a Tombstone Piledriver and then puts Mysterio in the Casket (Maybe by Chokeslam) I see him closing the Casket but then the Lights Go Out and The Casket Reopens and The Undertaker Sits Up and than Chokeslams Kane in similar fashion to the way he returned last year at SummerSlam. Winner - Kane (c)  Undertaker Returns!

Match 5 - WWE Championship Randy Orton vs Sheamus (c)

This Could be the Match of the Night and Should be. I have seen here on Bleacher Report that alot of people want Randy to win and say that he will, but I am not one of those people. I am starting to come around on Sheamus and I am becoming a Fan of His. I at first liked the Fact that he is a Fellow Irishman but, I am Starting to Like Him as WWE Champion. I Do Agree that Randy is due for another WWE Title Reign, but this just isn't his place. I am almost begging the WWE To Give Sheamus a Clean Win and with no one allowed to Interfere that might just happen (though it is WWE and they can mess anything up if they put their mind to it). I see Randy Hitting an RKO but Sheamus grabing the rope or even perhaps kicking out of it but please WWE No DQ's like at the Royal Rumble. I would like to see Randy maybe moving to Smackdown! once they Move to Syfi and reboost their Roster but then again Triple H is out till Nov so Sheamus needs someone to feud with (and Not Cena!) Sheamus wins with a Bicycle Kick and a Razor's Edge. Winner - Sheamus (c)

Match 6 - 7-on-7 Elimination Tag Match Team Raw vs Nexus

Yes readers I don't care what WWE is calling it, but with NO SmackDown! Wrestlers in the Match, it is Just Team Raw not like Survior Series 2001 when it was Team WWE (Ahh back when there were no Brand Rosters.) Anyway back to the Match, I believe that The Miz will be on Team Raw or Evan Bourne, but likely Miz. For me Nexus HAS To Win or This whole Storyline was just a waste of time and money. I can see a Few Nexus Members Getting Eliminated But Wade Barrett and Justin Gabriel (The 2 who can actually WRESTLE) won't and It will Probably end up with Jericho or Edge Screwing Team Raw in the way He tried to do back in 2001 and/or the way Kurt Angle did in 2001. John Cena will be the Last Remaining member from Raw against probably Barrett, Gabriel and Maybe Sheffield with Jericho Screwing Cena after it is down to Cena vs Barrett and Gabriel. I would like to see the 450 Splash somewhere in this match at least once and This Actually could end Up not Being That Bad now that Khali is Gone! One thing is that I'm not sure how Bret will Be Eliminated but he will Be Eliminated. I see there being a Rematch or I hope so (With Cena and other guys maybe SmackDown! guys) at Survivor Series. Winner - Nexus

Thats all Folks and as with my other articles I hope You enjoyed and Feedback is Greatly Appriciated!