All Time Starting Lineup For Outfielders

Steven ResnickSenior Writer IAugust 2, 2008

If the greatest team was ever assembled this is what the outfield lineup would look like. Also each outfield positions.

Starting in Left Field: Barry Bonds, there's a lot of controversy with Bonds and with the steroid use, but no one can argue during that time he was the most dominating player in the game. Even Buck Showalter walked Bonds with the bases loaded because he didn't want his pitcher to pitch to Bonds. Even before the whole controversy around Bonds he was a threat to steal a base on you, multipe gold glove winner, MVP, and a solid hitter. It's hard to argue with a 7 time MVP, 8 time gold glover winner, 14 time all-star, career home run leader at 762 homeruns, most walks in history of baseball, 4th in career rbi's, and 3rd for their career in runs scored.

First Back Up Left Fielder: Rickey Henderson. The best leadoff hitter in the history of baseball. He had one of the best eyes for many years in baseball not only could he hit for some power from the leadoff position he also struck fear into opposing pitchers once he got on base no matter if it was first or second. He would take off and that's part of the reason why he's the all-time stolen base leader and no one is close to him in regards to how many steals in a career. Mike Blowers one of the announcers for the Seattle Mariners was asked about Rickey Henderson and how he dove headfirst. He explained what made Rickey so tough is that he didn't slide into the base just touch the base he slid through it and once he went into you he would knock you over because he was built like a linebacker. Rickey was a 10 time all-star, 1 MVP award, 1 Gold Glove, 1st in runs scored, 2nd in walks, and 1st in stolen bases.

2nd Back Up Left Fielder: Ted Williams the man could hit for average and power and he was the last hitter to hit over .400 in a season in baseball. He would also have more homeruns and rbi's, but he fought in World War 2 and came back to play 4 years later. So Williams did lose 4 seasons due military service. He was a 19 time all-star, 2 time MVP, 2 time triple crown winner, 7th in career batting average, and 4th in career walks.


Starting In Center Field:

Willie Mays is there any question he is the best center fielder ever to grace Major League Baseball. He hit for tremendous power and some say if he had played elsewhere there would be no telling how many homeruns he would have actually hit, but since he played in Candlestick Park the wind caused some homeruns to be brought back into the park. Mays could also go get them in center and he also was able to go and steal you a base. Mays is a 24 time all-star, was rookie of the year in 1951, 4 MVP's, 12 time gold glove winner, 9th in games played, 7th in runs scored, and 4th in career homeruns.

Back Up Number 1: Ken Griffey Jr is there any question on why he shouldn't be right behind Mays? Nope there is not. Griffey was a more dangerous hitter then Bonds until injuries curtailed Griffey's career. Griffey has made some of the most amazing plays in the outfield whether it's climbing up a wall to rob a homerun, running into a wall, or making a diving catch, but the only drawback on him he wasn't as much of a base stealer as Bonds was. Griffey is a 13 time all-star, 2 time MVP, 10 time gold glove winner, 6th in career homeruns, and 4th in intentional walks.

Back Up Number 2: Ty Cobb based on his ability to hit. Gold Gloves were not around back when he played. He's currently first in career batting average, 1 triple crown award, 1 mvp, 9th in on base percentage, 5th in games played, 5th in at bats, 2 in runs scored, 2nd in career hits, 5th in total bases, 4th in doubles, 2nd in triples, 7th in rbi's, 4th in stolen bases, and 2nd in singles. 

Starting in Right Field: Hank Aaron because of his tremendous power and his ability to drive in runs as well as hit for a high average. Aaron's a 21 time all-star, has one MVP, 3 time gold glove winner, 4th in on base percentage, 3rd in games played, 2nd in career at bats, 3rd in hits, first in total bases, 10th in doubles, 2nd in homeruns, 1st in rbi's, and 2nd in intentional walks.

Back Up Number 1: Roberto Clemente died too young but had a cannon for an arm hit for power and got to 3,000 hits before perishing in a plane crash helping out in his native Puerto Rico. Clemente was a 12 time all-star, has an MVP award, 12 time gold glove winner, 6th in on base percentage, and 7th in slugging percentage.

Back Up Number 2: Frank Robinson hit for a relatively high average, had tremendous power, and a very good manager. Frank was a 12 time all-star, 1956 rookie of the year, 2 time MVP, won one triple crown, one gold glove 10th in on base percentage, 7th in homeruns, and 9th in intentional walks.