Top 10 Best Re-Starters In NASCAR Sprint Cup Racing

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Top 10 Best Re-Starters In NASCAR Sprint Cup Racing
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For some drivers, it's the one moment they absolutely grimace at, knowing that their tremendous straightaway leads evaporated into a matter of nil.

All that domination fades away into side-by-side, sheet metal action that surely translates into dramatics for both competitors and the fans at the track, who surely have no idea what will happen until the green flag unfurls with a parade of colors flashing by at over 180 miles per hour.

Other racers absolutely feast on the concept of double file, "shootout" format restarts, knowing it's their one chance to make the most of their opportunities for a win.

After biding their time, sitting contentedly within the lead pack, it's shut up or go time for these competitors, ready to pounce and attack on the leader who's been in the front of the field all race long.

It's no secret that race victories happen because of a driver's ability to make the most out of a restart, most especially when they're within grasp of the winner's circle.

That's why for these nine drivers and possibly a face to remember this season, they've found what it takes to win in recent years.

And if it's due to coincidence or sheer skills, make no mistake that these are the faces you want to keep an eye on when you see their machines pacing or near the front of the pack when it's crunch time.

Ladies and gentlemen, here are the "Top 10 Best Restarters in the NASCAR Sprint Cup Series," who always play a role at the end of every race, no matter the time or place.

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