Will Michigan Wolverines strike gold with Rich Rodriguez?

Thomas ArmetttaCorrespondent IAugust 2, 2008

Will Michigan strike Rich with Coach Rodriguez previewing Michigan upcoming football season


The upcoming season for the Michigan Wolverines is going to be a lot of first times. New

Head Coach that’s been hired outside of the “Michigan Family.” Last time that happen a man name Bo came and he changed Michiganfootball forever. Rich Rodriguez in a lot ways is just like Bo. He’s going to push his players to the extremes harder then Lloyd Carr ever did but he’s going to also grow them from boys to men. Coach Rod motto is “If you can’t handle it there’s the door don’t let hit you on the way out.” Another first time is the spread offense. Which Rodriguez wants to run a spread option attack but he doesn’t have the Quarterback he has Steven Threet who is going to be the starter on Aug. 30th against Utah. Then there is walk-on Nick Sherdian who can run the option but his arm is concerned. Finally, which I believe will be the backup and will see playing time is Justin Feagin the incoming freshman who can run the offense that Rodriguez wants to run but Justin is just getting to Ann Arbor and practicing. The future is bright for the spread option Michiganalready received two verbal commitments from Kevin Newsome out of Virginiawho just transferred High Schools because his coach at his ex High School was pressuring Newsome going to Virginia Tech. Also for the 2009 class they got Quarterback Shavodrick Beaver from Texas. Another concern for Michigan is there Offensive Line it’s extremely hard to replace the number one pick in this past NFL draft in Jake Long and Justin Boren who bolted for Ohio State because he say’s “Michigan lacks family values.” In the spread offense Michigan need quick agile guys who can get on the Linebacker’s and safeties and create lanes for the Running Backs. Michigan has of now only has one commitment from the 09 class and they need 2 more which would be ideal but one more is manageable. It’s going to take some time for the Rich Rodriguez system to run at 100% but we saw what a Michigan team running a 20% spread against Florida in the Capital One Bowl did. Best thing about Rich Rodriguez he’s at a place like Michigan will give him all the resources and Michigan will be patient and won’t get rid of Rich Rodriguez in three years unless it just goes Nebraska style and everything falls apart.

Michigan defense and defensive coordinator Scott Shafer is going to have to lead this team in the 2008 season and he has a lot of returning players coming back on top is the Defensive End in Brandon Graham who people in Ann Arbor says he looks out of this world in better shape he lost a lot a weight but added it to muscle as did the rest of the Michigan roster. They Defensive tackle in Terrance Taylor who almost went to the NFL but made the right decision in staying at Michigan and his partner in Will Johnson and at the other end Tim Jamison. Michigan has the duo of Morgan Trent and Donovan Warren who is comparable to Charles Woodson returning and at Safety Stevie Brown. The only holes that need to be filled are at the outside linebackers spot.  Scott Shafer is going to bring a fast get at the Quarterback style of a defense. When Scott was at Western Michigan they led the nation in total sacks. Scott is going to be prepared and he does a great job game planning for big games he’s going to be bringing a 4-3/3-4 style at Michigan but also for the first time Michigan will at times run the 3-3-5 set. It’s going be 80% 4-3 20% 3-3-5.

The new era at Michigan begins Aug 30th against the Utah Utes who are comparable to last year Oregon Ducks. The 2008 season is going to be a lot of up’s and down’s but the future is bright under Rich Rodriguez it’s going to take a couple of years for Rich and co. to have everything running at 100%. Rich loves recruiting and won’t stop till he has his “guys” running his up high tempo style of football. Michigan fans be ready to see no-huddle in your face football and a head coach that don’t fool around.