The Oakland A's Should Sign Frank Thomas for Next Year

Steven ResnickSenior Writer IAugust 2, 2008

The A's need a power hitter, and I'm not keen on the idea of bringing back Jason Giambi, even though Giambi has stated he wanted to come back to Oakland. I would much rather have Frank Thomas.

He can still hit the ball. Yes, he's slow but who cares? The A's need a power source and The Big Hurt is definitely still able to hit.

Thomas did start off very cold for the Blue Jays this year, but last year he hit 26 homers and with the A's he hit 39 in 2006.

Honestly, I don't see the danger of signing him. If he does get injured, he gets injured. He's a veteran who brings knowledge to the clubhouse for the younger players and he can help them out because he knows the strike zone and just by watching how he goes about each at-bat.

He's got seven homeruns in 45 games combined with Oakland and Toronto. So, it just proves he can still hit for power and be a game changer for the A's.

He's walked 27 times and struck out 34 times. So, he does walk a lot as well and tends to strike out a little more than he used to do.

He's not going to be a .300 hitter, but the A's aren't asking him to be. He will be a solid hitter around .265-.275 with 30-plus homeruns and he'll definitely help the younger A's hitters in the lineup.

One of the biggest mistakes last year was not signing Frank Thomas and allowing him to go to the Blue Jays. It's the reason why we had to trade to get Jack Cust because the A's had now power in the lineup.

The A's still don't have any power in the lineup. The A's now have three players with double-digit homeruns: Emil Brown with 10, Jack Cust with 20, and Mark Ellis with 10.

Frank Thomas will join that group if he plays the rest of the season. So we have added more power to the lineup; let's hope that starts the A's hitters so we can look forward to the team next year.