Super Bowl XLIII: Could Be A Patriotic Rodeo...

Nick ColonSenior Analyst IAugust 2, 2008

Even though preseason has yet to begin in the NFL, rumors of potential Super Bowl match ups are already swirling amidst football nation.  The consensus?  Don't expect the Giants to repeat.

Though last year's Super Bowl had everything a sports fan could want, from drama to hype, domination to nail biter, this year may be a little different; this year may very well be the year of the favorite.

In the AFC, speculation suggests there seems to be a notable newcomer to the ranks of the playoffs this season, with the Browns very possibly making it into the playoff picture.  Other teams such as the Patriots, Colts, Steelers, Chargers and Jags seem very determined, and well set up to make a run at a championship (don't worry fans of the Bills, Texans, Titans and Ravens, or any other team for that fact, this is just speculation).

In the NFC, not as much certainty can be said for the playoffs, though teams such as Dallas New York and possibly Green Bay all being front runners for a spot.  The remaining three spots look to be up for grab.  With a wacky other two divisions, it's a tough call but Arizona and New Orleans may be the favorites in the two remaining divisions.  The last possible team to make it in should by all means be the Minnesota Vikings.  They are much improved from prior years.

However, with all that being said, my personal prediction for the upcoming year's Super Bowl is the Dallas Cowboys versus the New England Patriots, and it ought to be a good one.

Tony Romo and Tom Brady are two of the best QB's in the NFL, and their supporting casts are some of the best.  With two very good defenses, and some questions to be answered on both sides, this should be a good finale to a good year, should these two teams meet.

I'd love to hear what everyone's predictions are for the upcoming year.  What will be the best record?  What team should we be on the lookout for?  Who do you believe will play in the Super Bowl?  Lets hear it!