WWE SummerSlam: Chris Jericho on NEXUS, Y2J Chants and His Band

Matthew HesterSenior Writer IAugust 13, 2010

In order to hype up Summer Slam Jericho recently did an interview with SLAM. During the interview he would spend some time talking Nexus, a possible baby face turn and more. While a lot of it was your normal hype up before a PPV. Jericho did make a few interesting comments in regards to the “Y2J” chants.


Jericho on the NEXUS angle

"I think the Nexus angle has been genius," says Jericho. "It is a tremendous idea that's really great because it's a bunch of new guys that on their own mean nothing, but together it's the hottest angle of the summer.

"I am really excited about SummerSlam. It's funny because you have a bunch of guys that no one has ever seen before and have had no TV exposure whatsoever. It kind of throws of all those people who say, 'You need TV time to get over, you need this to get over, you need that to get over.' All you need is a good, well-followed storyline."


 Jericho on Wade Barret

When asked about Wade Barrett's rise in the WWE and his victory in NXT's first season, Jericho was complimentary of the Nexus leader and his skills.

"I felt he was going to win from the moment I first saw him, as soon as I was paired with him I thought, 'Well, that's the guy that's going to win.'

"He has got great presence, his interviews are very strong and he's a big guy with a good look. He is exactly what we are looking for in WWE."

Jericho on the “Y2J” Chants

"I don't like it when fans chant 'Y2J.' It's not cool." His association with Team WWE though has seen fans in recent weeks chant exactly that, but the former six-time World Champion states that by proxy he is going into SummerSlam as a babyface.

"The whole story at the moment is that I'm kind of a good guy, but kind of not. I think the fans are asking themselves, 'Are we supposed to cheer him?'

"I have been doing this for 20 years. I have a lot of good will built up with the fans, people appreciate the hard work that I do so if I turned babyface tomorrow, they would buy it.

"I knew they would chant 'Y2J' when it was proposed I was going to team with [John] Cena; it's what WWE wants at this moment in time. Tomorrow that could change in one second if I wanted it to because I am in control of how the fans react whether they like it or not."

Jericho on his upcoming tour

"We love going over to the UK and we sell out the majority of our shows. We have great fans who know the music and I am very excited to see them. We want to spend as much time with them as we can.

There is a little more to the interview, but truth be told it was nothing more than a PPV hype up. The interesting spots I found were the comments on his fans. I wonder sometimes how much of his character goes into his interviews. To check out the rest click the link below.