Are The USC Trojans the BCS Champions of the 21st Century?

BabyTateSenior Writer IAugust 2, 2008

There have been 10 BCS title games, with nine different schools winning the National Championship. Suppose we wish to determine who is the best program of the 21st Century by comparing the 2000-2007 won—lost records of the nine different schools who have won the BCS Title?

We recognize that Tennessee and Florida State won their BCS Titles back in the 20th Century however, we will include them in this process to maintain the sample size of all BCS Champions. Other criteria may be used to determine the best program of the 21st Century, the following is my offering for such a debate. Behold:


SCHOOL                        YEAR CHAMPION              WON/LOST RECORD    WINNING % 

9) FLORIDA STATE                  1999                                      69—34                  66.9%

8) TENNESSEE                         1998                                      71—31                  69.6%

7) FLORIDA                              2006                                      74—28                  72.5%

6) MIAMI                                  2001                                      76—23                  76.7%

5) LSU                                       2003 & 2007                        82—22                  78.8%

4) SOUTHERN CAL                  2004                                      81—21                  79.4%

3) OHIO STATE                        2002                                      81—20                  80.1%

2) TEXAS                                  2005                                      85-17                    83.3%

1) OKLAHOMA                         2000                                      90—17                   84.1%


Statistics are just a tool that can be used to encourage conversation. The above information indicates that many have undersold the value of the two powerful Big 12 Champions and that the two 20th Century Champions have fallen down during this decade.

Please note LSU & Southern Cal both round to 79%. How close are those two programs? They need to play each other. Someone needs to make a phone call.