Five Wrestlers Who Could Have Helped WWE If They Hadn't Left

Hamster EnigmaAnalyst IIIAugust 13, 2010

Five Wrestlers Who Could Have Helped WWE If They Hadn't Left

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    There are many people the WWE have released over the years, but there are also some wrestlers who left on their own or because of drug abuse.

    This is a list that I decided to make about some of those wrestlers that could have helped the business right now.

    NOTE: This list will not have any retired wrestlers, only active wrestlers who are in other companies or are free agents.

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5. "The Pope" D'Angelo Dinero AKA Elijah Burke

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    The Pope, who is currently under contract in TNA, was formerly under contract by the WWE where he was known as Elijah Burke.

    Burke had a boxer gimmick and great charisma. He was destined for greatness (kinda like MVP), but was never given the proper push to show it.

    He had a few title shots but failed at each attempt. He was given a small push once as the leader of the New Breed, chosen by Mr. McMahon (makes you wonder about Drew McIntyre, right?), but his group never became as successful as one would expect.

    His group included Marcus Cor Von (Monty Brown in TNA), Kevin Thorn, and Matt Striker. All of who held their own some of the time, but after a while, the New Breed started to collapse one by one. It started with the release of Monty Brown and Kevin Thorn. Matt Striker became an announcer and Burke was the only one left.

    He was able to challenge for the title one more time, but failed, and after that was lost in the shuffle, so he got released. 

    Now in TNA, his skills are able to shine and he is given good time to show what he can really do. He has good mic and great in-ring skills, and could be a future main eventer. If you watch him in TNA, you could see that WWE messed up, as he could have been a great mid-carder if he was given the right push.

    He could have helped the mid-card and worked as a face or heel when needed.

    It is sad to think that Burke's most memorable moment is getting speared by Batista while jumping off the top rope.

4. Mr. Anderson...............................Kennedy

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    WOW, remember this guy?

    Of course you do, he had tons of charisma and entertaining mic skills. He had decent in-ring skills, but his mic skills are what made him almost a star.

    Mr. Kennedy was a guaranteed future star, but injuries prevented him from ever getting to the top. It was obvious that WWE wanted to make him a future star because he promised to cash in at the next Wrestlemania, and could have possibly won had he not sustained an injury during the first few months of his MiTB run.

    He then lost it to Edge, who successfully cashed it in against the Undertaker, which may have been the plan for Mr. Kennedy from the start.

    He came back, but wasn't treated the same as before. Sure, he was given a decent push in the mid-card, but his full potential was never reached. Unfortunately, he was injured again and returned to surprise Randy Orton, only to be surprised later with a release.

    One move was all it took and his chance to main event in WWE was possibly lost forever.

    Now he is in TNA under his real name of Mr. Anderson, and is being given a good push. His potential is being shown again as he has great promos and has main evented a TNA Impact show. The good thing for him right now is that he isn't getting injured.

    Anderson could have helped the mid-card and eventually the main event if he had less injuries.

    It is also sad to think that he was getting pushed and pushed with the Vince McMahon's son and the MiTB angles, but had to give it up due to injuries.

3. Jeff Hardy

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    Jeff Hardy is currently in TNA, but I have to ask, WHY?

    He was actually being treated well unlike some of the people on the list. He was being given a few Championship runs (although they were short reigns) and he was in the main event for the latter part of his WWE career. He had good feuds and matches, but decided to leave due to "other" interests.

    Currently in TNA, he hasn't won any titles and is not totally part of the main event. I would consider him a high mid-carder but not a main eventer right now. Speaking of TNA rankings, he may be in the top contenders list, but he isn't used well right now to be considered a main eventer.

    Jeff Hardy could have stayed in the WWE where he was doing well, matching the popularity of Cena (maybe even surpassing it), having good merchandise sales, and being considered a main eventer. He could have continued as he was and may have been given the role as top dog in the company had he stayed drug-free.

    It is very sad to know that this guy was once considered a main eventer and is currently not being treated like one.

2. Kurt Angle

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    The Olympic Gold Medalist Kurt Angle could be considered the complete package.

    He entertained in the ring and on the mic (which is rare for main eventers nowadays). He was able to put five-star matches with just about anyone and we could have witnessed more wrestling jewels had he stayed with the company.

    Unfortunately for him, he was misused even if he was being treated well. By this, I mean that he was always given good pushes with good title reigns, but was overworked, which made him want to leave.

    Currently in TNA, he is treated the same except his work schedule is much lighter and suited to his needs. Had he been given the Shawn Michaels or the Undertaker treatment, he could have stayed, but unfortunately, he wasn't.

    He could have been another choice to challenge the streak or to end Michaels's career.

    Kurt Angle could have helped the main event as a face or heel and had many more entertaining matches.

    It is extremely sad to think of all the matches he could have had with guys like CM Punk, Daniel Bryan (when he was under contract), Jack Swagger, Christian, Jericho, Undertaker, and Cena, had he remained with WWE.

1. Brock Lesnar

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    Brock Lesnar was called the "Next Big Thing" and for good reason. He made a huge impact during his short run with the WWE. He won the Championship in his first year (which people did not disagree with unlike Sheamus), the Royal Rumble, and got to main event Wrestlemania. He also faced good wrestlers (Cena, Taker, Angle, Guerrero, Big Show, and The Rock) and had memorable feuds with them.

    He made people care about him; people were more angry to see him go than GOLDBERG.

    He is currently in the UFC where he is having a good run.

    If he had stayed we could have seen him continue to dominate the main event and have great feuds with many wrestlers.

    It is depressing (especially for Mr McMahon) because ever since Brock left for UFC, Vince started getting UFC as a rival, and it is sad for us fans because if he had stayed then (maybe) PG wouldn't exist and Cena wouldn't be the face of the company. Plus, we wouldn't have seen Lashley (a failed duplicate) being shoved down our throats by Vince McMahon.

    Brock is the wrestler that WWE made a huge mistake in letting go of, even if they couldn't do anything about it.


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