How The Miz Will Make History

Atobe KeigoContributor IIAugust 12, 2010

Before I start this article let me tell you something, I am not a fan of the Miz. I am just telling you how I think he will make history in the WWE.

The Miz is right now the Money In The Bank Briefcase holder, and every time I hear him coming down the ramp Michael Cole is saying "Miz is the Future of Raw" or "It's only inevitable that the Miz will become WWE Champion" or "He is the greatest NXT pro in History".

Now how the Miz will make history is not how the Mizfits want it to happen. He will cash in the MITB Briefcase and will become the first man to unsuccessfully cash in said briefcase. You know why because first he has pissed off Randy Orton and whoever does that well just ask Kofi and Mr. Kennedy and the second reason is that King and Cole saying week after week that "7 times it has the MITB Briefcase has been cashed in and 7 times there has been a new WWE champion". Now I have been thinking why would they keep on saying one thing when we all know that when the MITB briefcase has been cashed in there is a new champion. the reason for that is that the Miz will cash it in and make history as the first man to cash in MITB and not win the championship.

But he will also do something else, when I was watching Raw this week I saw Cena and Hart asking Miz that if he will join there team, his answer was "I'll let you know on Sunday". What I think is that he will join Team WWE but will be the man to screw them of the victory and be shown as the leader of Nexus and that by the help of Nexus he will become the WWE Champion.

The reason he could be the leader of Nexus is that because he is the only pro who has been on NXT twice and they have been saying like I said that "Miz is the greatest pro in NXT history".

Now this is just my prediction of how Miz will go into the main event and how is undeserved push will continue. If you have anything to say all comments are welcome.