Ji Hoon Kim's Volcano Will Erupt Saturday To Win the Championship Title

King JSenior Writer IAugust 12, 2010

Korean lightweight boxer Ji Hoon Kim 21(18)-5 who goes by the moniker: "Volcano" will be in the biggest fight of his life against Miguel Vazquez 25(12)-3 Saturday night at the Laredo Energy Arena in Laredo, Texas.

Kim and Vazquez will be fighting for the IBF lightweight championship of the world.

Kim has gained much fame and recognition on many of the boxing websites and fight forums mostly due to his wild, reckless fighting style and his mighty knock out power. Many fight fans consider him to fight as a traditional Mexican fighter meaning he continues to come forward and assault his opponents rather than skillfully out box them or practice safe clean defense.

In fact Kim pretty much lacks most of the fine tune fundamental boxing skills all together and pretty much just walks into his opponents punches in order to pursue the one big knock out punch to send them sleeping.

Watching him fight is like watching one of the ridiculous exaggerated Rocky fight scenes where a fighter is getting beat down only to come back in the end to knock out the other fighter. It is so entertaining that it is even border line funny.

For example in Kim's last fight against Ameth Diaz 27(19)-10 back in May he was losing the whole entire first round. Kim was getting out boxed, countered and taught a very humiliating boxing clinic by Diaz.

Kim was totally outclassed, and getting hit clean by several power punches and even upper cuts and then in the last seconds of the round Kim landed his signature money punch the big right hand that sent Diaz falling downward into dream land.

In both of Kim's last two fights on ESPN's Friday Night Fights he was losing and came back viciously out of no where as if he was a sleeping volcano that decided to wake up and erupt.

Also in both of his last two fights against Diaz and before that against Tyrone Harris 24(16)-6, Kim knocked them both down hard and when they got up the utter look of fear and despair on their faces told the referee in both fights that there was no way they would want to continue.

I'm going to be completely honest and admit that I find Kim to be so exciting that I find myself laughing while he fights and when the volcano erupts I laugh even harder. There is just something about the guy that makes you want to see him fight again and again.

Kim reminds me much of a younger version of Manny Pacquiao before the legendary Freddie Roach was able to help mold him into the more complete fighter that he is today.

This Saturday could be a real coming out party for Kim if he is able to defeat the far superior skilled Mexican fighter Vazquez who has never been knocked out and who has only lost decisions to two now  boxing star sensations.

For anyone who says boxing is boring or it's corrupt and shady I say to you watch Ji Hoon Kim fight and you will fall in love with boxing.

I'm not certain if there are any volcanoes in Korea but I know there will definitely be a violent volcano erupting in Texas Saturday night.

Ji Hoon Kim vs Miguel Vazquez is live from Laredo, Texas and is shown exclusively on FOX Sports Net Saturday Aug. 14th at 9:30 p.m. West Coast Pacific Time.