Georgia Bulldogs Quarterback Breakdown

SECSportsHub.comSenior Analyst IAugust 2, 2008

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The Bulldogs should be in excellent shape at the quarterback position in 2008. They have arguably the deepest and most talented group in the SEC led by junior Matthew Stafford. Stafford has continued to improve since getting the call as a true freshman and he is expected to be one of the best quarterbacks in the country next year. 

Stafford has an excellent arm and might be the best NFL quarterback prospect in the country. His decision making has improved tremendously over the past two years and he has the potential and experience to lead Georgia all the way to the National Championship. 

He showed the ability to go out and win games on his own last year and he will likely need to do the same thing once or twice this year. 

Georgia also has a ton of depth behind Stafford. Junior Joe Cox would start almost anywhere else in the country and he led Georgia to a come-from-behind win against Colorado in 2006 when Stafford couldn’t get the job done. 

It’s not very likely that he will be called upon to come in and win a game under the same circumstances in 2008, but he will definitely get the nod should Stafford go down with an injury. 

Also filling out the depth chart for the Bulldogs is redshirt freshman Logan Gray. Gray is a talented dual-threat quarterback that sat out in 2007 because of the depth with Stafford and Cox already on the roster.

He has now had a full year to get used to the college lifestyle and the Georgia offense and should be ready in the unlikely event that he is called upon next year. 

All in all, Coach Mark Richt has to be extremely pleased with the talent at his disposal under center. Richt trusts Stafford to the point where Stafford will likely audible into and out of plays throughout the season. 

If Stafford’s progression continues, he should lead the Bulldogs to a great season en route to solidifying his status as one of the top signal callers in the nation.


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