What The F**K Happened To WWE's Nexus Storyline?!

The Jaden SmallingsContributor IAugust 12, 2010

It all started off great with the season one NXT rookies randomly entering through the crowds during Cena and Punk's match and wreaking havoc upon Monday Night Raw, attacking John Cena and everybody in sight, and not to forget destroying the Monday Night Raw sets.

The NXT Rookies interference got me excited for the next Raw, and once again NXT attacked, but this time Cena had backup in the form of the WWE Raw Roster.

Then they continued to interfere in matches and promos, attacking Ricky Steamboat, Vince Mcmahon, and a whole bunch of Raw superstars.

It continued week after week, episode after episode, all up to a point where, for me,  it started to get seriously annoying.

I get it, Nexus is mad at WWE management because of the whole NXT thing and them being mistreated. They demanded a contract and they GOT one, so now what the f**k do they want because they're really getting boring and repetitive.

I understand that Wade Barret said there's a bigger reason behind their formation but what the f**k is that bigger reason already?!

Anyway, I feel WWE could've booked this storyline much better. They could've easily made it more interesting.


They could've made a huge star out of John Morrison, R-Truth, or even Evan Bourne by having one of them really take it to the limits to The Nexus.

Or they could've turned one of The Nexus members against the team and start having that one member feud with the rest.

One more thing, at Summerslam, Cena and his army take on The Nexus in a seven on seven match, and on Raw, Cena said "If we want to end this whole Nexus thing once and for all, then we have to beat them at Summerslam."

But how is that going to end The Nexus once and for all? There are no stipulations saying they're fired if they lose to Cena and his army at Summerslam. The Nexus is just going to keep on coming back until they get fired or they split.

Anyway, those were just my thoughts on WWE's recent Nexus storyline. Please leave your feedback on the comments section below.

Until next time, peace.