Knowing the Wolverine: Huge Insight on Chris Benoit from Chris Jericho

Joe Burgett Senior Writer IIIAugust 11, 2010

WEST HOLLYWOOD, CA - JULY 11:  Actor Chris Jericho poses at the Crown Royal suite at the ESPY Style Studio at the Mondrian Hotel on July 11, 2006 in West Hollywood, California.  (Photo by Chad Buchanan/Getty Images for Crown Royal)
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If you have been a wrestling fan for at least four years, you know of Chris Benoit.

Many people know Benoit as being a pro-wrestler, but more so for killing his wife and child, along with himself. Fans will always remember Benoit gave his heart and soul in the ring, everytime he went out there. But a dark cloud will always follow his name.

As we know now, Benoit had CTE, a brain disorder caused by repeated shots to the head. Those who get concussions often are the people most subjected to it. People forget that CTE effects more than just the wrestling world, but also the sports world as well.

In fact, quite a few football players developed the disorder. And a few of them did the exact same thing Benoit did, in that they killed themselves. Now, did all of them do it the same way? No, but the end result was the same.

In any case, the disorder is not just a focus for pro-wrestling, but sports period. Wrestling haters should realize this before suddenly thinking only wrestlers could develop it.

Chris Benoit, we forget, was also a man.

Sure, he was a pro-wrestler on TV every week, but he wasn't just that guy you saw on TV weekly. He was a father and friend.  One of his more notable friends would be Chris Jericho.

Jericho traveled with Benoit, was like a second father to Benoit's kids, and could be considered one of Benoit's best friends. Jericho spoke about Benoit in his last book quite prominently. He even had to write a forward for the book to tell people that the Benoit in the book was the man he knew before the tragedy.

Now, in Jericho's new book—of which is sure to sell very well—Benoit is mentioned once again. This time, Jericho talks about the ups and downs of the relationship with Benoit.

Now, I haven't read the book yet, so I can't say I know every word. However, Jericho is not the type of guy to throw friends under the bus, nor would he do it to the dead. In any case, he had a few things to say about his friend of the same first name. Here are a few excerpts from the book:


  • On Benoit's sense of humor: "Not a giggle, not a chuckle, not a tee-hee…never went ‘Ha.' But when somebody threw up or fell down the stairs, he would laugh out loud for hours on end."
  • On being Benoit's friend: "I considered Chris to be one of my closest companions, but it wasn't always easy to be his friend. You had to take the good with the bad when it came to his friendship."
  • On hearing that Benoit's family was dead: "My gut feeling was Chris had killed them."


I think the last quote is one that will catch the attention of many. A guy who knew Benoit probably better than anyone could feel that his friend did the unthinkable before he even knew what happened for real.

He knew Benoit killed his wife and child, he could feel it within himself. If that is the case, one has to think that Jericho knew something was wrong with Benoit before things went to this.

He said in the middle quote that it wasn't always easy to be Benoit's friend and you had to take the good with the bad. Taking the good is great, but one has to wonder what the bad was. Did Jericho see Benoit take drugs and didn't say anything to protect his job?

I'm not trying to question Jericho's friendship with Benoit, as I'm sure if he knew something was up with his friend, he would have tried to help him. Of course in the end, it's all up for the person to help themselves.

Jericho probably knew that Benoit refused help because he thought he had no issue at all. And Jericho had to let it go. And Jericho probably didn't know of CTE at the time, as it is a relatively new brain disorder that little knew of at the time.

Benoit's CTE prevented him from thinking things were wrong, and when Jericho probably tried to help, Benoit declined. I'm not saying I know what Jericho did, I wasn't with either man to know. But, through analyzing this, it looks as if Jericho knows more than he lets on about Benoit.

However, still being a friend to Benoit and the rest of his family, he won't write about them. Some things he probably would want to keep quiet so that it didn't ruin him.

But, one has to feel for Jericho in some ways. The man has to live with the fact that one of his best friends took his own life while under a disorder of which little knew of.

So...what do you think of Jericho's comments? Also, will you buy his book?