The Best In The World at What I Do

Justin JohnstonContributor IAugust 11, 2010

I am the Best in the World at What I Do


With the new Chris Jericho DVD coming out at the end of next month it got me thinking. Everybody always says if Ric Flair is the greatest professional wrestler of all time than Shawn Michaels is 1b, well it is my opinion that Chris Jericho would than be 1c.

I have been a fan of Jericho for as long as I can remember. About 15 years ago when I was 6 or 7, I saw a very young Lionheart wrestle for a local independent federation. On this weekend that I can remember I believe he had about 3 matches in 3 nights or something in 3 different cities, and this would be by car travel and making not very much money a night because as I remember my ticket to get into the event was about $10 dollars and there  be more than 200 people there. So this would be when I realized that I was a "Jerichoholic".

So the years went on and Y2J would wrestle for ECW, than WCW as mostly a mid card talent. And as a typical mid card talent in those years he would easily have the best matches of the night on every card. Than came his big break and he arrived in the WWF. His debut is maybe the greatest debut in professional wrestling. He would interact with the hottest wrestler at the time in The Rock and this would lead to the groundwork for Jericho for the next few years. Jericho would become a multiple time Intercontinental, European and Tag Team Champion until he finally reached his potential on that night in December of 2001 when he beat possibly the two top stars in WWF history in The Rock and Steve Austin. His star would finally be allowed to shine.

Jericho would wrestle full time for the next five years or so until he took a two year hiatus. Upon returning this is when I felt Jericho would show his real leadership ability as a seasoned vet (in comparison to Shawn Michaels after he returned to the WWE). Jericho would add to his title reigns with Intercontinental and Tag Team Championships and I find that his true ability would be shown during the year 2009. His feud with Rey Mysterio would bring prominence to the IC Title once again when it would be defended regularly on ppv broadcasts and their matches would be match of the year candidates on multiple occasions. Jericho would than move on and capture the Unified Tag Titles with the Big Show and many feel that Show would have his best time as a wrestler in those months. Once again Jericho would bring an after thought of a title back to the ppvs.

In 2010 he would become the mentor of the first ever winner of a new concept in WWE. He guided Wade Barret to win the contest, and he would run with the ball. During this time Jericho would be pushed down the card but he would use this to accelerate the push of a young fan favourite Evan Bourne. They would have 3-1 on 1 matches within two weeks, Raw than the Fatal 4 PPV and Raw again. These would easily be the better matches of the year minus Wrestlemania.

With his contract coming up later this year the WWE better hope they can re-negotiate a deal with the vetrean and keep him on the roster. Thanks for reading this and I hope you are looking forward to the release of his long anticipated dvd as I am later next month.