Time To Stand Behind Chelsea and The King Carlo

chelsea fanaticContributor IAugust 11, 2010

LONDON, ENGLAND - JULY 17:  Manager Carlo Ancelotti of Chelsea watches his players warm up during the Pre Season Friendly match between Crystal Palace and Chelsea at Selhurst Park on July 17, 2010 in London, England.  (Photo by Christopher Lee/Getty Images)
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    For last two seasons, the Stamford Bridge faithfuls have not seen a major signing coming to Chelsea and showing his glimpses of the skills at SW6. Apart from Zhirkov we have not signed a major player for a lot of time which is quite unusual for Chelsea fans

    When Roman took over Chelsea, He wanted to make Chelsea brand across the world which he managed with lots and lots of spending and bringing the stars in world football. and we got the immediate results. But after that for last three season we are one of the least spenders in market.

    And there are important reasons for that too -

   First of all is that our club wants to reach break even as soon as possible so that it will ease the way towards self sufficiency which is the need of the hour as because of upcoming UEFA rule. so naturally we have reduced our spending and this is actually pretty good decision by the management.
  But while doing so we have not ignored the importance of winning the trophies and have achieved good balance in the cash outlays and performance. Last season'double achievement is enough proof of that.

  Another good move which our club management is tying to implementing is that they have focused more on giving breakthrough to our own academy's players, cause money always can not buy everything. Promoting academy players to the first team costs very less as compared to building the star studded contingent. and tell me, which die hard club fan would not like to see their own lads wearing the Blue jersey??

  But for the fans this is desperate time as we have lost three consecutive friendlies as well Community Shield in the hands of our title rivals ManU.

  For me, now is the time when we, all the Blues must stand behind our manager and show our full support to his decisions. He is not a fool man and he must have thought thousand times before letting go fan favorites Carvalho, Joey and Ballack along with Belletti and Deco. He is trying to reduce our wage bill as well as reducing the average age of the team cause if we do not do so in upcoming time we will have to face serious troubles in the future.

  Another thing which King Carlo is working on is that he has decided to promote bunch of academy players into the first team which will create perfect combination of Experience and Energy in the team. In turn this will lead to future Chelsea team based on academy players.

  Carlo Ancelotti is not an ordinary manager. He knows exactly what he is doing. Remember he transformed raw talent of Kaka and Pato into World Class players which is enough to prove the point.

  In the end, I would like to say, Even if this season goes shaky in terms of results (which will not), and even if we do not see any major signings, still we are looking towards the future Chelsea team which will rule the Premier League and bring the Glory to The Stamford Bridge.

  At Last, Just one thing, In Carlo and In Chelsea We Trust ..


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