The Bigger Picture: Who's Behind The Nexus

Trey WonderContributor IAugust 11, 2010

With Summerslam right around the corner, Raw is in the middle of one of it's biggest storylines in a long time. Unless you've been living under a rock, you already know about the NXT season 1 rookies taking over the Red brand. It's something that we're reminded of every week. While the Invasion gave us promise of a strong, new stable in the form of Nexus, something just doesn't feel right. The Nexus in it's current state seems like just a group of punks rather than a credible unit in my opinion. Their attacks are repetitive and every time real competition turn up they head for the hills. So what would add some credibility to this faction? Aside from seeing them in the ring more and a more diverse arsenal of attacks, a strong leader.


Right now, we see the Nexus led by Wade Barrett, NXT's season 1 winner and one of the few remaining men on the team worthy of recognition. While the angle is going places with Barrett in charge, it seems as though Summerslam won't be the conclusion of The Nexus. Barrett keeps alluding to a “bigger picture” which we've yet to see, and Summerslam seems both the time and place to reveal whatever it is they've been keeping from us. The rest of the article is going to focus on who could potentially be the leader of The Nexus, and what they stand to gain out of it. What is their “bigger picture”?


THE MIZ- On the last episode of Raw, The Miz offered his services to team WWE. When asked if He would join the team, he told Cena and Hart that he would get back to them this Sunday. It's become clear that the WWE intends to make The Miz a main event player, so with such a storyline under his belt it may be easier to propel him to such status.

The Bigger Picture- “Ushering in the New Era of WWE”. While the WWE may never come out and say it, I'm sure a lot of people still see The Miz as “the real world” guy. With The Miz/ Nexus alignment in place, The Miz can say something along the lines of “No one ever took him seriously” and that “he, along with The Nexus, weren't getting the respect they deserve”, so they aligned in order to prove their worth. With The Nexus' attacks and The Miz's Money In The Bank Briefcase, The Miz can swoop in to become WWE Champion setting the Nexus angle in a totally new direction.

Probability- 8.5/10-- It would help The Miz's push as well as solidify him as a Heel. It also gives Sheamus and/or Orton a reason to join in with Team WWE and provides a good Triple threat title match at Night of Champions, so long as The Miz drops his United States Championship.




BRET HART- Bret Hart was originally the “surprise partner”, so to speak, when the team was announced. It seemed odd that he was in the match as opposed to him being in the corner of the Hart Dynasty who would have been a much better fit. We've barely seen any contact between Hart and The Nexus, with the exception of the first attack. However, even the first attack doesn't rule Bret out, considering just a few months before that he was saying how “easy it was to get a stunt double to fake a leg injury”.

The Bigger Picture- “Payback's a B****”. From Bret's stand point, it could be pay back for the treatment he received while in the WWE. Taking the Montreal Screwjob into account, Bret could have wanted revenge, and Wrestlemania just wasn't cutting it. He could have faked the injury and had his “boys” take care of Vinny Mac. On The Nexus side of things, Bret is a legend and definitely a name to be associated with. The Nexus may not gain too much on that explanation, but more can be explained down the road.

Probability- 6/10-- It would be a good twist, and almost all the explanations as well as the motives are in place. The only thing that troubles me with this is Bret allowing the Hart Dynasty to take the beatings they've been taking. The Hart Dynasty have been regular victims of The Nexus attacks, and unless they give Bret the full heel swing to the point of shunning his family, a detailed explanation is needed.




JOHN CENA- This has been a rumor swirling around for a while now. He's been the main victim of the attacks and also the leader of the coalition to stop them.

The Bigger Picture- “All Work and No Love Makes John a Mad Man”. Within the past couple of months, the dynamics of Raw changed. Randy Orton has become the biggest face of the program and it seems that he's getting more face time at times as well. While The Nexus angle is Raw's big one for the Summer, it still seems odd that he's out of the Title picture. On top of that, we hear “Cena sucks” and “you can't wrestle” nearly every time he's in the ring. At Money In The Bank we even heard some Sheamus chants, but the boo's this guy receives are very hard to ignore. Maybe he just became so sick of fighting for approval that he just snapped and decided that for all that he doe's he doesn't get the appreciation he deserves. The Nexus offered Cena a position in the group and off screen, Cena decides to join to get everything he feel's he deserves. The Nexus now has Superman behind them and with the top Raw player supporting them they can easily make the impact they desire.

Probability- 2/10-- While a heel turn is something We'd all like to see, it just doesn't make too much sense. In fact, the only reason I see it possible at all is because it would be a good way to pass the ball to Randy Orton. Other than that, I think this is extremely unlikely. WWE would lose so much merchandising, and some fans would be outraged. On top of that, everything that's happened since the Viewers Choice Raw would need a lot of explaining. The only logic I can see is if they started on their own but convinced Cena to join down the road, however it still seems really out of place for him.



TRIPLE H- The cerebral assassin's name has been popping up on these lists for a while now, as The Game himself has indicated that he'd like to return to the dark side. Triple H has been the leader of 2 of the WWE's strongest stables, Degeneration-X and Evolution, and The Nexus could easily be another one of his attempts at pure domination.

The Bigger Picture- “Time to Play the Game?” Triple H has been out of action for a little while now, and in that time his attacker Sheamus has become WWE Champion. Taking that into account as well as seeing the WWE force his best friend into retirement, HHH may have finally had enough. Triple H may have organized the faction to continue his legacy while he was out of action and get revenge on the company who “treated him like dirt”. From a kayfabe standpoint, with Vince gone they can say that Triple H is in charge because of his relationship with Stephanie. If that was the case, it's simple cause and effect; The Nexus takes Vince out, Triple H and Nexus takeover.

Probability- 7/10-- Triple H has wanted to get back into the Heel picture, but time is a factor, and with DX and then putting Sheamus over, he hasn't really had the time to do so. Some may argue that his injury's aren't all healed up, but with him as the leader it gives him the ability to stay away from matches as much as possible until he's all healed up and they're ready to put this thing to bed.



Other- A lot have been suggesting Michael Cole to be behind The Nexus, it just doesn't seem that Cole has too much to offer The Nexus, unless it's revealed that he's also the Raw GM. However, with that logic, you can put any name into the picture and have it make sense. The Rock's been on the list since it's been rumored he's been wanting to make a return, but it's also been rumored that he'd only be returning if he liked the storyline. I originally wanted to put Bryan Danielson in his own bracket, but I felt like that just might be my inner child wanting to see more of him. Also with them working his release into the angle by stating he felt remorseful, it seems more likely that he would work against The Nexus than with them. I even had a big idea with Kane as the leader, branching into the Undertaker attack, but it seems that Smackdown is immune to Nexus invasions. We also can't rule out any other members of Team WWE, though I'd hate to see The Great Khali or Truth behind it.


The “Bigger Picture” hasn't been referred to that much lately, but it's still worth looking into. A Strong leader can save this storyline as a lot of people think that this could just become another epic fail at the hands of the WWE. I wanted to get into some other people, but I was strapped for ideas as well as time. If I forgot anybody that you guy's think are worthy of mention, please comment and let me know your reasoning! Thanks for the read and let me know what you guys think!