Athletes We Love To Hate And Why We Love To Hate Them!

John ShullCorrespondent IAugust 1, 2008

Ahh yes, I knew I would eventually get around to writing a fun, humorous article like this on athletes we love to hate.

Before I get into the "special" athletes I have selected, lets examine what makes us able to love and hate an athlete.

  1. Must have constant media attention.
  2. Be a star player at some point in his / her career.
  3. You go to a sporting event more fired up about booing this particular player that you could care less about the actually game itself.
  4. You buy a $50 dollar jersey just to cross out the number on the back in black sharpie pen!

Onto the list (in no particular order):

  • Barry Bonds (MLB) - Why: All-time home run record holder but some say he did it with the help of some enhancements? Does not matter who you are, you dislike Bonds for what he brought to the game of baseball but most of us would turn on the TV again to watch the replay of him breaking Hank Aaron's home run record.
  • Terrell Owens (NFL) - Why: Maybe one of the best moments ever in TV was when TO invited news stations and camera men out to his house so he could do crunches. We dislike TO because of his on-field attitude but we love him because of the emotion he shows when he actually plays (except when he cried over Tony Romo).
  • Ron Artest (NBA) - Why: Ron Artest has had it tough, the incident at the Palace; getting traded from team to team and I heard his rap album only sold 6 copies. Whether or not you can admit it, when you push aside all that non-sense Ron Artest can be one of the most exciting players to watch in the NBA. That's why we love to hate him.
  • Kyle Busch (Nascar) - Why: Whether he is spinning out drivers like Little E or Jeff Gor-don, Kyle Busch is one of the more talented drivers on the circuit. 100,000's of fans love to pack the track every weekend just to boo him on with a smile on their faces.
  • The Vick Brothers (NFL) - Why: Here are two guys who have all the talent in the world but no head on their shoulders. One steps on another guys leg during a football game and the other bets on dogs. Hands down, I know I would watch a highlight tape of Michael Vick over and over. Just too bad we will not be seeing him on the field for quite sometime if ever.
  • Tom Brady (NFL) - Why: The poster boy of the NFL, Tom Brady is every girl's dream and every guy's arch enemy. Though I think everyone outside of Michigan Wolverines and New England Patriots fans do not like Tom Brady, you have to respect him.
  • Kobe Bryant / Allen Iverson (NBA) - Why: Now here are two guys who are adored by their cities and their cities only and I will tell you why. Because Kobe and AI are so feared that no one likes them outside of their cities because when they come to your arena you know Kobe or AI can make or break the day by themselves.
  • John Daly (Golf) - Why: Despised by many because of his sure laziness and willingness to do drugs and drink alcohol, John Daly is one heck of a golfer. An average driving distance of well over 300 yards, Daly has competed and competed strong for about a whole year. Fans love to hate John Daly simply because he is the rebel of a sport that is supposed to be elegant and well defined. Well, not if John Daly is around!
  • Alex Rodriguez and Derek Jeter (MLB) - Why: This one is simple enough. Derek Jeter and A-Rod are almost too perfect for baseball. Whether it is their bachelor attitudes or how dominant they have been on the field, fans love to hate these two with a passion. Unless your a Yankees fan of course.
  • And I think I am going to finish on a surprise; Charles Rogers (?) - Why: Signed as a first round pick, loads of talent, one of the more re- knowned players in Michigan State history and it only took one year for Rogers to screw it all up. We love to hate him for one simple reason, we never know what might have been and we all hope that someday we will be able to see what might have been!

Until next time.......