Talent Wasted: A Look at Wrestlers Whose Careers May Be in Danger

Matthew HesterSenior Writer IAugust 10, 2010

One of the very special aspects of watching pro wrestling is watching a kid claw his way to the tops and make it to the bigs. Watching guys like, Jericho, Benoit, CM Punk, and others can be very inspiring. What about the other side of the coin, though? For every success story there are just as many unsuccessful ones.

This isn’t anything new in wrestling; if you dive into the past, you can find many wrestlers that suffered this fate.

In WCW, you had wrestlers like Lenny Lane, Lash LeRoux, just to name a couple. In the WWE we would see the same fate dealt to guys like Nick Dinsmore “Eugene, and Terry Taylor “the Red Rooster. These were all wrestlers with lots of talent that were wasted away.

Whether it was from never being used or being tagged with a bad gimmick, these wrestlers would never see the career they could have had if used right. Sadly the same thing is happening today right before our eyes. Let’s take a look at the some grapplers that may suffer the same fate as many others have.


The Young Bucks

When TNA signed the young bucks, I thought it was smooth sailing for them. This talented team tore up the Indy scene from 2004 to 2010. Before going to TNA, they would make stops in Dragon Gate, ROH, and CHIKARA. So a move to TNA would only seem natural. After all, TNA is known for great tag team wrestling.

Well, things haven’t worked out as planned for the young bucks. They would first change their names to “Generation Me”.

That isn’t the major issue, though. The problem is they never use this talented duo. I can count on one hand how many times I have seen them on TV in that last month.

If TNA doesn’t start using them soon, they just might become a forgotten entity. I really hope this isn’t the case, but what else am I to think? They still have a shot to make something of themselves; they are on the clock, though.


Evan Bourne

Bourne is a true road warrior. Throughout his career, he made pit stops in the NWA, ROH, and Dragon Gate. He would finally hit pay dirt when he signed with the WWE in 2007. At first, things were looking good for Bourne.

He was a fan favorite on ECW, and would rack up a ton of wins while there. His luck would change after his move to RAW in 2009. During his time on RAW, he has jobbed to just about everyone on the roster. He has gotten an occasional push, but nothing worthy of the talent he posses.

You would think with small guys like Bourne, Mysterio, the Dude Busters, Heath Slater, and others, they would make a cruiserweight division. That would make too much sense I guess. Instead they will most likely waste away this talented young man.


Desmond Wolfe

When I think of ROH staples, Desmond Wolfe is the one guy that always stuck out in my head. He was loved by the fans, respected by pears, and was considered one of the top talents on the Indy scene. He would go out in a blaze of glory with ROH. He and Danielson would put on a match of the ages for its fans before he left.

At first, he was supposed to sign with the WWE, but things wouldn’t work out and he ended up with TNA. His debut was highly touted and he would be thrown in a hot feud with Angle. Angle and Wolfe would put on a clinic in their feud. So far so good, right?

Shortly after his feud with Angle, Wolfe’s stock would drop immensely. He went from contender to chump in an instant. He would spend over a month jobbing to everyone he stepped into the ring with. Now spotting Wolfe on TNA at all is a rarity. It’s a shame that a talented wrestler like him may fade away faster than a sunset.


The above mentioned are just a few of the current guys wrestling who are being dealt a bad hand. I have to be honest folks—it scares me to death to think what the WWE may do to Tyler Black. Let’s face facts the facts—in order to make a decent living in the U.S, you have two choices.

You can either go to the WWE or TNA.

Both are scary options if you ask me. They just might be better of going overseas or Mexico. At least over there they have a better chance of gaining respect. Let’s hope that the bigs in the U.S wake up and smell the coffee. A good wrestler is hard to come by and it is a crime to waste them.