Tyler Black's WWE Future, NXT Season 3?

Joe Burgett @JoEburGett_WESenior Writer IIIAugust 10, 2010




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As many of us know by now, ROH World Champion Tyler Black has signed with the WWE. This is a developmental deal that will keep him in Florida Championship Wrestling (FCW), the WWE's developmental program for about six months. Black is slated to come in around September, after he drops the ROH World Title.

However, he may get to come up faster than many thought. The WWE wants to bring back NXT for a third season, and this season is rumored to be different than all the rest. The thought is that it will have four men and four women instead of the usual eight men.

FCW has a good bit of female talent, many of which are doing well there. The new crop of divas are said to be similar to that of the Attitude Era, in that they are not just models, but actual wrestlers too. Which is a huge upgrade compared to the current product we see with mainly models trying to be athletic.

Only a few are actually worthy of calling themselves wrestlers, while the others would be considered "good for TV". Which is basically saying they are put on TV because they're pretty, not that they're talented.



There is no word on all of the talent that will be on the program, but it is rumored that Tyler Black will be one of the men involved. It would be a cool thing to see for his fans, but possibly a bad move. Black is young and will be a huge star for them in the future, but he is in need of development.

The other three men who will be on the show will have been in FCW for at least a year by the time they go on the show, therefore they are more so ready for the big time than Black at this point.

It's not that Black isn't talented, or that he couldn't handle being in front of millions every week, but it's that his whole game isn't there yet. Sure, that is kinda the point of the show, to put rookies on TV and have the pros help them.

But the issue with this is that the show is kayfabe, not actually reality. This isn't Ultimate Fighter where the mentor actually teaches the other guys. This is a storylined show, put on for entertainment purposes, and while usually a pretty good show, not one that should be believed in full.

I have no doubt that the pros help the rookies a bit, just like all veterans, they usually help out new guys at first. Of course, once they become a threat to take their spot, then that's another story.

In any case, Black would be better off going to FCW and staying there for a year or so, then going on TV later on, similar to Dos Caras, Jr.



I for one think this would be far better.

Sure, he'd be a featured talent on NXT, but I don't think he is right for the show this time around.

Also, NXT still needs to be picked up by a channel. Until they do, NXT won't be going anywhere other than WWE.com. And if it does go there, would using Black really be necessary?

Obviously NXT would do better on TV, but with SmackDown headed to SyFy, the channel that currently shows NXT, it's doubtful they will pick up both. Bravo would be the only other channel that I could think of that would even consider picking up NXT.

If they do not, then it won't be on TV until the new WWE Network comes out.

But let me ask you, would Tyler Black work for NXT? Will NXT even be picked up? And, who would the other talents be on the show in your eyes?