10 Reasons why BARCELONA are running scared of JOSE MOURINHO

Anthony DimondContributor IAugust 10, 2010

10 Reasons why BARCELONA are running scared of JOSE MOURINHO

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    BARCELONA team has been been a special team for the last two seasons. But if anything history tells us that special teams last just one or two years. team like AJAX C.L winning team 95, Arsenal INVISIBLES 2003-05, treble winning Manchester United 1999-2001 

    To think he was once at BARCELONA

1. He is a winner

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    In his first season with Porto won the Portuguese League, in his debut season in England with Chelsea he won the League and the same thing happened with Inter Milan. In seven seasons in club management he has won six league titles, one UEFA cup and two Champion Leagues and a total of 17 trophies. Since 2002, Mourinho has not gone a full season or a calendar year without winning at least one trophy. BARCA not getting either La Liga or Champions League this year

2. Always delivers against the ODDS

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    Barcelona are favourites for the league. But that does not matter with Mourinho to Mourinho. Winning the Champions League with Porto is unbelievable. But he went to the English league facing an Arsenal team that finished a season UNBEATEN, Manchester United whose middle name is winning and a Liverpool team that was crowned European Kings. And Last season you wouldn’t put your money on Inter Milan winning the Champions League by knocking out both CHELSEA and BARCA (and those were the top two favourites)

3. Special bonds with players

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    Players always believe in him and want to do well for him. He always has a bond well with his players shown by his Porto players following him to Chelsea (Carvalho, Fereira and Deco). He is still Good friends with Chelsea players, Terry Lampard and Drogba. And just look at him and Materazzi


4. Fans Adore Him

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    Just ask MOST of CHELSEA and INTER MILAN fans that’s all I can say. 

5. Unbelievable Home Record

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    Did not lose a single home game at Chelsea and Inter Milan. A together over 150 games unbeaten at home since 2002

6. Can Take away Pressure from His Players

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    Where ever has managed to take up most of the media attention and that leaves less scrutiny on the players in the public media. That means less pressure on the players and they just go out and perform.

7. Knows BARCA from the INSIDE

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    Known as Bobby Robson’s Interpreter he has been inside Barca and coach Barca B and been an assistant. He probably knows things about Barca that another coach would not. Will that be to his advantage of this is yet to be seen.

8. He has a ‘JINX’ on MESSI

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    Messi is undoubtedly the most talented footballer in the world but I was surprised when I heard he hasn’t scored against any team managed by Mourinho. This is a very interest FACT. Is it Mourinho's tactics or not? 

9. Can DEFEAT the opponent MENTALLY (Mind Games)

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    if there is anything that Mourinho is good at is getting into the minds of the opposition. BARCA fans may not admit it but Mourinho got them WORRIED (Woooo). And after the CL semis you know definitely the BARCA PLAYERS.

10. ALWAYS gets under BARCA’s skin

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    He always winds up everyone involved with BARCA. Exhibit A - Video.