NBA Season 2010-2011: Overview Of Oklahoma City's Schedule

Casey Womack@caseywomackCorrespondent IAugust 10, 2010

NBA Season 2010-2011: Overview Of Oklahoma City's Schedule

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    Kevin Durant and the Thunder look to capitalize on a 50-win season.Stephen Dunn/Getty Images

    The 2010-2011 NBA schedule has finally been released.

    The biggest storyline from this season's schedule is the amount of nationally televised games the Thunder will be apart of.  The Thunder have at least 15 games that the nation will be able to see.

    That number is leaps and bounds ahead of the three from a year ago.

    This season, the Thunder look to have a pretty favorable schedule with few road trips lasting longer than three games away from the Ford Center.  The majority of the season will be Oklahoma City's chance to really stack up on the wins until March arrives.  

    The Thunder will likely go around .500 to start the new year off with a tough two month stretch in January and February.

    Although, the schedule makers seem to favor the Thunder this season and I will be shocked if the Thunder don't reach anywhere from 45-50 wins.

    I have the Thunder going 53-29 this season based off the schedule.

    Here's a quick breakdown of the Thunder's schedule this year.



October: 3-0

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    Derrick Rose will look down to disappoint the Thunder on their opening night.Gregory Shamus/Getty Images


    Wed 27 vs Chicago 7:00pm
    Fri 29 @ Detroit 7:00pm
    Sun 31 vs Utah 6:00pm

    The toughest match up for this quick three game month will be against Chicago.

    Although, it will be in the Ford Center on Oklahoma City's opening night with the arena being really loud to start the season off.  I don't think the adrenaline running through Kevin Durant and company's veins will allow them to lose to the Bulls.

November: 11-4: 14-4 Overall

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    Dilip Vishwanat/Getty Images

    Wed 03 @ LA Clippers 9:30pm 
    Thu 04 @ Portland 9:30pm
    Sun 07 vs Boston 6:00pm 
    Wed 10 vs Philadelphia 7:00pm 
    Fri 12 vs Portland 8:30pm 
    Sun 14 vs San Antonio 6:00pm 
    Mon 15 @ Utah 8:00pm 
    Wed 17 vs Houston 7:00pm 
    Fri 19 @ Boston 6:00pm 
    Sat 20 @ Milwaukee 7:30pm 
    Mon 22 vs Minnesota 7:00pm 
    Wed 24 vs Dallas 7:00pm 
    Fri 26 @ Indiana 7:00pm 
    Sun 28 @ Houston 6:00pm  
    Mon 29 vs New Orleans 7:00pm 

    The Thunder will have a fun first half of the season.  They play quite a few Eastern squads in November and don't play the Nuggets, Lakers, Heat, or the Magic at all during the month of November.

    They will try and take advantage of the less talented teams from the East in Minnesota, Philadelephia and Milwaukee.

    Boston will be a fun match up to watch as they've basically turned into the 2010-2011 All Corpse Team with Shaq arriving.

December: 11-5: 25-9 Overall

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    Steve Nash and the Suns vist the Ford Center on December 19thChristian Petersen/Getty Images

    Wed 01 @ New Jersey 6:00pm
    Fri 03 @ Toronto 6:00pm
    Sun 05 vs Golden State 6:00pm
    Mon 06 @ Chicago 7:00pm
    Wed 08 @ Minnesota 7:00pm
    Fri 10 @ New Orleans 7:00pm
    Sun 12 vs Cleveland 6:00pm
    Wed 15 vs Houston 7:00pm
    Fri 17 vs Sacramento 7:00pm
    Sun 19 vs Phoenix 6:00pm
    Tue 21 @ Charlotte 6:00pm
    Wed 22 @ New York 6:30pm
    Sat 25 vs Denver 7:00pm
    Mon 27 vs Dallas 7:00pm
    Wed 29 vs New Jersey 7:00pm
    Fri 31 vs Atlanta 7:00pm

    This month will be where the Thunder get the biggest chunk of their wins.  It could either go as an above average month to an undefeated month.

    Their toughest match up will likely be in Chicago.  Although, they'll be be taking advantage of rebuilding teams in Cleveland, New Jersey, Toronto, Golden State, etc.

    I know I have them ending the month with five losses, but don't be surprised to see them end the year with 1-2 losses in December.

January: 7-6: 32-15 Overall

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    The Thunder will get another shot at the Lakers come January 17Christian Petersen/Getty Images

    Sat 01 @ San Antonio 7:30pm
    Tue 04 @ Memphis 7:00pm
    Thu 06 @ Dallas 7:00pm
    Sat 08 vs Memphis 7:00pm
    Wed 12 @ Houston 7:30pm
    Thu 13 vs Orlando 7:00pm
    Mon 17 @ LA Lakers 9:30pm
    Wed 19 @ Denver 8:00pm
    Sat 22 vs New York 7:00pm
    Mon 24 @ New Orleans 7:00pm
    Wed 26 @ Minnesota 7:00pm
    Fri 28 vs Washington 7:00pm
    Sun 30 vs Miami 12:00pm

    After having an awesome beginning of the season, January and February aren't looking kind to the Thunder.  Kicking off 2011 they will be facing a lot of playoff and championship contenders. 

    They will not have to have any back-to-back nights at all during the month, however all but three games during the month will be on the road.

    Expect the Thunder to be batting right at .500 this month.

Feburary: 6-5: 38-20 Overall

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    Chris Paul comes back to his first NBA home on February 2ndChris Graythen/Getty Images

    Wed 02 vs New Orleans 7:00pm
    Fri 04 @ Phoenix 8:00pm
    Sat 05 @ Utah 8:00pm
    Tue 08 vs Memphis 7:00pm
    Sat 12 @ Sacramento 9:00pm
    Sun 13 @ Golden State 7:00pm
    Tue 15 vs Sacramento 7:00pm
    Tue 22 vs LA Clippers 7:00pm
    Wed 23 @ San Antonio 7:00pm
    Fri 25 @ Orlando 7:00pm
    Sun 27 vs LA Lakers 1:30pm

    Right after coming off a tough January, the Thunder will be right back on the road facing another tough month.

    Playing at San Antonio and Orlando will be tough, plus hosting the Lakers and newly renovated Clippers at the Ford Center.  Golden State will not be a pushover either plus Tyreke Evans and the Kings on the 15th.  Both of those games are on back-to-back nights.

    This is another month that I hope Thunder fans don't get frustrated, but just notice how difficult these two months will be.

    Not one team this month can afford to be overlooked as every one of these teams will be making a strong playoff push.

March: 12-4: 50-24

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    The Good Guys will face the Evil 3 on March 16th.Doug Benc/Getty Images

    Wed 02 vs Indiana 7:00pm
    Fri 04 @ Atlanta 6:30pm
    Sun 06 vs Phoenix 6:00pm
    Mon 07 @ Memphis 7:00pm
    Wed 09 @ Philadelphia 6:00pm
    Fri 11 vs Detroit 7:00pm
    Sun 13 @ Cleveland 12:00pm
    Mon 14 @ Washington 6:00pm
    Wed 16 @ Miami 7:00pm
    Fri 18 vs Charlotte 7:00pm
    Sun 20 vs Toronto 6:00pm
    Wed 23 vs Utah 7:00pm
    Fri 25 vs Minnesota 7:00pm
    Sun 27 vs Portland 7:00pm
    Tue 29 vs Golden State 7:00pm
    Wed 30 @ Phoenix 9:00pm

    Oklahoma City will finally get some time to breathe come March.

    Playing teams like Indiana, Phoenix, Detroit, and the teams that LeBron and Chris Bosh left will help pile up some victories.

    Aside from the Eastern powerhouses, the rest of the Eastern Conference will be looking to rebuild and it just so happens the Thunder play a lot of them this month.  Hopefully Oklahoma City will be able to dust themselves off from a rough two month stretch and get back to winning.

April: 3-5: 53-29 Overall

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    The Thunder will close out the season against the BucksMike Zarrilli/Getty Images

    Fri 01 @ Portland 9:00pm
    Sat 02 @ LA Clippers 9:30pm
    Tue 05 @ Denver 8:00pm
    Wed 06 vs LA Clippers 7:00pm
    Fri 08 vs Denver 7:00pm
    Sun 10 @ LA Lakers 8:30pm
    Mon 11 @ Sacramento 9:00pm
    Wed 13 vs Milwaukee 7:00pm

    The last eight games of the season will be the toughest of the season.  The frustrating part of this is that this is obviously the most important time to get wins for seeding in the playoffs.

    Not only is it going to be a tough stretch, but the majority of the games are on the road including at L.A., at Portland, and at Denver.

    The Thunder will finally end the regular season like last year's, by facing a young up-and-coming team in Milwaukee.

    If you ask me, Oklahoma City will have a losing record month for the first time all season but will also finish with three more wins from last season which is no small task.