WWE Friday Night Smackdown Report: The Inner Edge!

Adam WrightSenior Analyst IAugust 1, 2008

Adam Wright here welcoming you all to my first even Smackdown report. Tonight I'm filling in for fellow Bleacher Report Writer Ron Johnson. Hope you all enjoy.

Now onto the show!

The show begins with a very well done video of last week's huge announcement. I've been saying it for years, the people who make and edit these videos for the WWE are very underrated. It begins normally as Edge apologize, but then as Vickie talks, the screen goes into a very dramatic shot. We see flashes of The Undertaker and the Hell in a Cell. The chilling video ends with Vickie Guerrero laughing in slow motion. Great way to pump us for this match at Summerslam

Pyros go off as J.R and Mick Foley welcomes us to Friday Night Smackdown. They announce tonight's Cutting Edge, with a mystery guest.

The Hershey crowd gives Jeff Hardy a huge pop as he makes his way down the ring. Jeff Hardy then takes a steel chair and sits to watch the following match.

Match #1 - MVP vs. Jimmy Wang Yang

MVP cuts a promo before his match, talking to Jeff Hardy.  He says because of his risky behaviour, Hardy will never be WWE Champion.

Note that Wang didn't even get to do his entrance.

The match begins as MVP takes the early advantage, as Jeff Hardy watches on from the outside. As MVP continues his assault on Jimmy Wang Yang, he yells at Hardy.

Wang finally gets offence going with a heel kick to the back of the head. He goes for a risk manoeuvre off the top ropes, but MVP hits a gut buster.

MVP then hits a brutal kick on Wang, to make the pin

Winner: MVP

Hardy comes in the ring, and yells at MVP for what he said last week. After a stare-down, Jeff Hardy hits a Twist of Fate on MVP!

The Wright Take
: This was a very short match, but the purpose was to continue the Hardy vs. MVP feud. Jeff actually showed some decent mic skills tonight, which is a rare occurrence.

 J.R tells us this will not be the last of Jeff Hardy we see tonight, as he will be facing the new #1 contender, The Great Khali, later that night.

As we return from commercial, we see Chavo Guerrero pushing Vickie's wheelchair. Vickie sees Edge's new mistress and gives he a look as she enters her office.

Match #2 - Mr. Kennedy vs. Shelton Benjamin (Non-Title)

Kennedy does his usual promo, letting the crowd play along with him as he does his thing with the mic.

Out comes the The U.S. Champion Shelton Benjamin. J.R. says Benjamin could be the best athlete to ever hold the U.S. Title.

As the match begins, Kennedy yells his name at the Champion, but The Gold Standard gets in the early hits. But Kennedy quickly recovers and tries for a Mic Check, but Benjamin rolls out of the ring.

Back in the ring, Kennedy and Benjamin jockey for position. As both hit near falls, J.R. and Foley tout these two young superstars. The crowd is behind Kennedy as the smack-talker hits a swinging-kick. Before the commercial break, Benjamin shoves Kennedy's shoulder into the ring post.

Shelton Benjamin is working Kennedy's shoulder as we come back from commercial. Benjamin hits an impressive shoulder-breaker, which kind of looked like a pile-driver, expect focused on the shoulder. After several near falls, and submission attempts, Kennedy finally fights back with a half Boston-Crab. The Champion reaches the ropes.     

Kennedy hits some near falls of himself, but to no avail. After a boot to the face, Kennedy hits the Mic Check for the pin fall victory

Winner: Mr. Kennedy

The Wright Take: This was a great match for both men involved. It's great to see Kennedy FINALLY get a victory, it's great to see this feud continue, and most of all  it's great to see Kennedy going for a Title! I'm hoping for a Ladder Match between the two down the road.


After the match Eve runs out to interview Benjamin. He says he lost the match because of a bronchitis.

Backstage, we see the Edge-Heads and Chavo. They are wondering who is Edge's special guest tonight.

Jeff Hardy vs. Khali is hyped again for tonight.

Match #3 - The Brian Kendrick vs.  Stevie Richards

Kendrick makes his way to the ring with his bodyguard Izichio.

Before the match, Kendrick does a promo, talking how he's always been this way. He formed a tag team with Paul London to get his foot in the door, but he never cared about the fans.

Out comes Stevie Richards. The crowd has been quiet since the Kennedy/Benjamin match ended.

Kendrick starts the match with a series of kicks. Then he locks a series of holds, including a move that looks identical to the Walls Of Jericho.

Richards finally shows life, hitting kicks, and a Power Bomb. Richards then kicks Kendrick out of the ring, but the bodyguard catches him.

Kendrick hits "The Kendrick" for the win.

Winner: The Brian Kendrick

The Wright Take: I'm tired of hearing Kendrick's name so much during a match. Even his finisher is his name! The match was very one sided, looking forward to see what they do with THE Kendrick.

After the match, Izichio attack Richards.

Hardy vs. Khali is hyped yet again for later tonight

The Wright Take: For those counting, this is the 3rd time this match is hyped in less than 45 minutes. Looks like the WWE thinks we have the attention span of an infant.

We now see Edge arriving backstage as we go to commercial.

Match #4 - The Great Khali vs. Jeff Hardy

WHAT? I didn't know about this match-up!

Khali comes to the ring with Singh. J.R calls Khali a mountain of a man.

Hardy comes out again to a great ovation from the crowd. Let's all hope MVP is a good sport, and doesn't ruin this GREAT match!

The bell rings, as we see the size difference between Khali and Hardy. Jeff tries everything to knock the giant down, but Khali doesn't even budge.

The fans chant "Hardy" as the #1 contender is dominating. Khali continues his dominance for what seems to be forever.

Hardy somehow tries to get on the top rope, but Khali just knocks him down as he crashes and burns for the commercial break.

We are back in the ring with Khali continuing his attack as we get back from commercial. The crowd somehow finding the energy to chant Hardy's name.

Whisper in the Wind by Hardy! Followed by a Swanton Bomb! It's over... but wait! MVP comes out. But why!

Hardy sees MVP and pushes him off the ropes, but Khali pulls Hardy from his hair back in the ring. As MVP eggs Khali on, he locks the Khali Vice Grip on  Hardy. The ref calls for the bell.

Winner: The Great Khali

The Wright Take: Seeing Khali in a match is as entertaining as listening to a John Cena promo. Both very painful! I guess this match served two purposes. First it showed how Khali can dominate a match (and kill a crowd). Second, this furthers the Jeff Hardy and MVP, which I think is the positive out of this. Ineteresting that the WWE Champion himself Triple H did not make an appearance (most likely because of the birth of his and Stephanie's baby).

R-Truth promo airs. 

Match #5 - Maria vs. Victoria

After weeks of hype, Maria makes her Smackdown debut, looking lovely in Smackdown blue.

Her opponent Victoria makes her way to the ring. No doubt she will welcome Maria to Smackdown with arms wide open.

The match begins with Victoria using his strength against Maria. Victoria hits a series of slams and locks, but Maria keeps kicking-out.

Maria fights out of Victoria's Full-Nelson. She hits a series of kicks, and a clothesline. Off the top rope flying clothesline! Maria pins.

Winner: Maria

The Wright Take: It is GREAT to see Maria, but why should Victoria be the one doing the "job"? Maryse would of been a better opponent for Maria. I'm still waiting for Victoria's Title push! 

We see Edge talking to Alicia Fox. He tells her he wanted her to sit in the crowd, and he wants her to see his  Cutting Edge.

As we return from commercial, we get our mandatory dose of Triple H. And since he can't be there tonight, we see a very flashy video package.

Foley and J.R hype the announced WWE Summerslam matches.

Match #6 - The Big Show vs. Domino

Big Show comes down to the ring, as we go to commercial.

The Wright Take: Apparently, a Triple H promo and a Big Show entrance is way to much... we need another commercial break!

Domino is now in the ring as we get back form commercial. I have a feeling Domino will wish he was on the other side of tracks right now!

Big Show first throws Domino out of the ring, then slams him to the mat. Domino then takes off his shirt, because obviously that was the problem!

Shirt or not, Domino gets chokeslamed!

Winner: Big Show

As the ref checks on Domino, Big Show celebrates his squash victory. All of sudden, out comes the Samoan Bulldozer Umaga. As he enters the ring, the two big men stare at each other. They circle each other, sizing each other up.

The Wright Take: Note that the Umaga/Big Show stare down lasted longer than the match. This feud is your classic big man vs. big man. I'm hoping Umaga gets a manager to do his promos, or they make his start talking. If so, this could be an interesting feud. Both great workers.

Backstage, Chavo is talking to Vickie, still wondering who will be Edge's special guest on the Cutting Edge, which is next.

The Cutting Edge

As we get back from commercial, Edge comes out to the ring to a chorus of booos. J.R and Foley are wondering who will Edge's special guest be tonight.

In the ring, a table, ladder and chair is set up. Edge grabs the chair and sits down slowly as the crowd booos.

Edge begins to say that he's been searching for inner peace all week. His life is falling apart, and to add to that, he will have to face The Undertaker in a Hell in a Cell.

The crowd chants "Undertaker". Edge says he has studied footage of Hell in a Cell. All the cruelty, all the pain, all the suffering. All this in the hands of The Undertaker in the Cell. Edge than says that he is comfortable tonight with a table, ladder and chair in the ring.

Then he goes to say who knows someone who can help him get ready for the match. Someone who knows Taker, and who's Hell in a Cell. His guest tonight... MICK FOLEY!

Foley is shocked as the fans chant "Foley". Mick Foley agrees to get in the ring, but is confused. Edge says despite their past, he is a changed man.

Edge then shows Foley a video package of "The Attitude Era". DX, The Rock, Stone Cold... the good ol' days. Then we see The Undertaker and the Hell in a Cell. Highlights of Taker throwing Foley off the Cell are shown. Foley's bloodies and broken body is shown. Will that be the legacy of the Hardcore Legend?

The video ends as the crowd chants Foley.  Edge says even after 10 years, he still feels that match, feels what Taker did to him. He then says that it burns Foley inside knowing how that match changed him.

Edge asks for Foley's help to defeat The Undertaker. He says it would be Foley's redemption.

Foley agrees with most of what Edge said, but he says that he still has the word and bond of the fans. "Edge is the greatest Superstar in the WWE" Foley has said, but it means nothing because the fans think he sucks! They see a cheating Edge every week. Foley says he can't help Edge. Only Edge can help Edge Foley says. Mick wants the Edge to find the Edge who sacrifice everything in TLC and all the Hardcore matches.

Foley finishes by saying if The Undertaker sees THIS Edge... he will tear him apart!

Edge looks at Foley and says I understand then hits Foley with the mic! Foley and Edge fight outside the ring. "BANG BANG" Foley yells as he reaches for weapons. After kicking a chair in Foley's face, Edge hits a SPEAR.

Edge than gets back in the ring as he sets up the ladder and table. The crowd is chanting "Undertaker". Foley gets back in the ring, and Edge hits a low-blow and lays him on the table. He now grabs a chair and climbs the ladder. Edge looks psychotic as he jumps... hitting Foley with the chair right through the table.

Foley lays broken as Edge looks down at the destruction.

The Wright Take: This is what makes Edge the best heel in the business. Just showing up gets him heat. The promo was great, but Foley's speech was amazing. One of the best Cutting Edge's in a long long time. Great segment by both men.

"This was the Edge Foley was referring to earlier" J.R says as the show ends.



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