2008 Sooners Football: Another Championship or Another Disappointment?

Burgess ShawCorrespondent IAugust 1, 2008

We are now in August, just a month from the Oklahoma football season opener vs. UT-Chattanooga on August 30th. The 2008 season could be the one for the ages. So, how will the Sooners do? The Sooners have been blessed with two straight Big 12 Football Championships, but also plagued with the two straight defeats in the Fiesta Bowl.

The Sooners should be an offense to be reckon with. Returning starting QB Sam Bradford should have an encore sophomore season with receivers like Jauquin Iglesias, Manuel Johnson, and Quentin Chaney. Ryan Broyles and Adron Tennel can also come in and become play makers. The running backs should also be one of the best in the conference, if not the country. DeMarco Murray should start after having a great season last year. Of course, he will also be splitting time with Chris Brown and make a great one-two punch in the backfield. Jermaine Gresham is one of the best tight ends in the country and should help Sam with the passing game. Now, the offensive line IS the best in the country. And you can put that on me if they're not. A Jr/Sr O-Line should be the anchor of this offense.

Now the defense should be a great one too. Auston English will be the anchor of this D-Line at the end position. John Williams, who was out for the season with a torn achilles tendon, should also start at the end position. Cory Bennet and DeMarcus Granger should take the inside head on and wreck the opposing line. The position in question is the linebackers. Ryan Renoylds and Keenan Clayton should start with experience. Austin Box might start, but has no experience at this position. Expect some tough times this season from the LBs. The defensive backs might also have some tough times. Nic Harris will come back to start and expect a good season. Dominique Franks will have a tough time taking over departed Reggie Smith. Also Lendy Holmes should start, also having a great season last year.

The 2008 football season for OU should be a good one. The offense should come out and score points every game. The defense can also hold their own in each game. Expect a good game, like always, with Texas. Also going on the road with Washington and Oklahoma State.


My prediction: If offense can use talent and experience to score points and the defense can hold their own and keep the opponents out of the end zone; expect some big things from this 2008 Sooner football team. I predict a 3rd straight Big 12 Championship and an 8th National Championship.