Tim Tebow Haircut and The 20 Most Must-See Photos In Sports History

Jon StarSenior Writer IAugust 10, 2010

Tim Tebow Haircut and The 20 Most Must-See Photos In Sports History

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    The internet exploded over the last few days with sports fans in all reaches of the country searching to get a look at Tim Tebow's new haircut.

    But Tebow's haircut isn't the first sports-related photo to send the internet into a uproar.

    Here is a look at 20 sports-related photos everyone must see.

Friar Tebow

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    Tebow's haircut created enormous buzz, so much so that every sports outlet in the country picked up on the picture.

    Rookie haircuts are one thing, but this one seemed all too fitting for the pious, former-Gator quarterback.

Big Ben's Party Pictures

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    Everyone's heard the stories of how Steelers quarterback Ben Roethlisberger likes his nights out on the town, including the sketchy Georgia nightclub affair.  But people wanted to see just how whacked out of his mind Big Ben could get. 

    Here's your evidence.  The t-shirt just makes it that much better.

Leinart + Beer Bong

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    Matt Leinart's partying ways made news last year with enough evidence on the web to create a photo album.

    This shot of the Arizona Cardinals quarterback feeding a girl a beer bong is just one of many Leinart party shots on the web.

    Just put "beer bong" into Google Images and you'll likely get shots of Matt Leinart.

Eli's Night Out

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    To complete the triumvirate of drunk quarterbacks is this famous shot of Giants quarterback Eli Manning while absolutely sloshed.

Tiger's Mistress

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    Rachel Uchitel—Tiger's first mistress—was an Internet sensation in the days after Tiger's accident last Thanksgiving.

Speaking Of Thanksgiving...

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    When the world woke up to the news of Tiger Woods's car accident, everyone rushed to the Internet to get a glimpse of his smashed-up Cadillac Escalad.

    The wrecked vehicle has come to personify Tiger's downfall.

Lindsey Vonn Photoshoot

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    Lindsey Vonn was already the darling of the U.S. Winter Olympic team in Vancouver.

    Yet, the gold medal-winning skier upped her appeal even further by posing for the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue.

    A great number of men thanked her for it by bombarding the web in search of her photos.

Kobe's Photo Shoot

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    It's not like Kobe Bryant hasn't done photo shoots before, but this all-white photo shoot drew a whole lot of attention, as it was out of the norm for the NBA's biggest star.

A-Rod Kiss

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    As if A-Rod didn't catch enough heat for his steroid admission and celebrity dating pool, this shot of A-Rod kissing himself cemented his image as an egomaniac in the eyes of his critics and detractors.

The Erin Andrews Video

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    Sorry to disappoint, but you aren't going to find the Erin Andrews peephole video here.

    Nevertheless, the stalker video made of the ESPN reporter became one of the most sought after sports-related videos/pictures in recent memory.

Tiki's Mistress

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    Tiki Barber was already something of a dog in the eyes of sports fans after his bitter exit from the Giants and his sub-par performances on TV. 

    Then the news hit that Barber left the pregnant mother of his children for young intern Traci Johnson. When this shot of Johnson wearing Barber's No. 21 hit the Internet, it caused a feeding frenzy of image searching.

Lago La-Gone

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    We already knew Winter Olympics snowboarders were a different breed, but 2010 bronze medalist Scotty Lago still managed to shock with this picture. 

    This shot of a woman diving into Lago's crotch to bite on his medal sent him packing from Vancouver and sent fans to the internet looking for this picture.

Too Much Oden

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    Nobody needed to see it, but Oden wanted to show it. 

    The Blazers big man's shots of Little Oden ended up on the internet and Oden became another member of the "Athletes Gone Wild" crew.

Kobe's Mugshot

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    Kobe Bryant has done a masterful job restoring his image, but this mugshot from the summer of 2003, stemming from rape allegations, remains a blot on his career.

Backseat Blackhawks Party

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    Blackhawks players Patrick Kane, John Madden, and Kris Versteeg enjoyed a night on the town in Vancouver.  It turns out their night wasn't so private, as pictures of the shirtless trio ended up on the Internet.

    I still maintain Kane looks like an out-of-place high schooler.

Wardrobe Malfunction

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    It was right at the end of the halftime show at Super Bowl XXXVIII when we all looked at the TV and said, "Did I just see what I thought I saw?"

    The reaction was an onslaught of Internet searches looking for the best shot of Janet Jackson's infamous "wardrobe malfunction."

Tiger and Family

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    Before the car accident and the mistresses, there was this picture of golf's former First Family. 

    Tiger and Elin sold off the rights to take the first picture of their newborn for over $1 million. It became a highly sought-after web photo in no time.

Venus' Nightie

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    No one at the French Open knew what to make of Venus' risque tennis outfit, but the rest of the world sure did. In the hours and days after Venus' debut of this number, the Internet blew up with searches looking for a peek at Venus's tush.

FSU's #1 Fan

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    And then, of course, there is Jenn Sterger.

    Her national television debut took the breath away from Brent Musberger and sent millions of men to the Internet, scrambling to find photos of her.

Simona Halep

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    Simona Halep wanted to be taken serious, known for her game on the court.

    Unfortunately, it wasn't her game that received the most attention.