Tim Tebow Haircut: A New Side to The Denver Broncos QB

Jason Clary@IamJClaryCorrespondent IAugust 10, 2010

We can all thank Dez Bryant for creating an NFL wide hazing fiasco, not that it effects us as much as it does the other players.

After refusing to carry Roy Williams' shoulder pads, Dez Bryant spat out a response that disregarded years of NFL tradition. "I'm not doing it," he said. "I feel like I was drafted to play football, not carry another player's pads."

Well Dez, I "feel like" you should have been respectful to your NFL teammates, rather than openly discuss your dissatisfaction with an age-old tradition.

Dez is single-handedly responsible for the situations for guys like Travis Ivey. The Dolphins player (seen here) has turned this simple technique into an art form.

For guys like Tim Tebow, it is not only an art, it is a lifestyle.

Not only is this quarterback arguably one of the best college quarterbacks ever, he is a terrific multi-tasker.

He is getting ready for the NFL season, and becoming a friar on the side!

You have to clap to his admirability. Guys like Tebow are a rare breed. He is a peaceful and somber brother of the greater faith, yet, such a tenacious and beastly Sunday spectacle!

Wait, you mean to tell me he was forced to shave that donut-like shape on his head?

Well, lucky for us. Something tells me Tebow would make more headlines as an NFL quarterback, though I am sure he would make a great friar.

You could picture him dominating the Sunday church pick-up game, stiff arming his prayer leader on the way to a touchdown. Then he would say a quick prayer for the Detroit Lions, because it seems as if nothing can help them.

All jokes aside, kudos to Mr. Tebow for being a great sport, and enduring possibly the worst hazing of the season.

But, not all bad came from this dreadful, yet appealing haircut. Seen in an article on the Examiner, Tebow is still catching the eyes of young fans and actresses.

I failed to get interview time with Friar Lawrence, but I wouldn't mind speaking what is on his mind. He would say "Thanks Tim, for reviving the sex-appeal of the fresh friar cut."

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