What Is Brett Favre Thinking?

JerseySenior Analyst IAugust 1, 2008

We all know Favre wants to return to the NFL, but he seems to be going about his business in the worst way possible. It's almost as if he not only wants to make the Packers' situation a mess, but also wants to sully his own image at the same time.

It's one thing if he decided to un-retire, but understanding the Packers' situation, would help to make the transition as smooth as possible. After all, he's the one who put the Packers in this predicament with his retiring in the first place.

But no, he has to have it his way. Unfortunately, that doesn't work with the Packers' plans, and they have to do what's best for the team, not what's best for Brett Favre.

So, instead of agreeing to go along with the franchise that employed him throughout his storied career, he's going to try and screw them over. He's demanding his release or to be traded, but at the same time, he's limiting their choices of potential destinations.

While the Jets or the Buccaneers would be reasonable destinations for both Favre and the teams involved, Favre is insisting that he'd like to play for Minnesota, Green Bay's heated division rival. So, not only is Favre making the situation difficult for his team, he's making it even more difficult by trying to stab them in the back at the same time.

And then the Packers came up with the big offer—$20 million to stay retired! It was an interesting tactic, but more interesting is that Favre is actually considering it! Didn't this guy just say he has an itch to play? This deal may be lucrative, but doesn't it defeat Favre's whole purpose?

That said, $20 mil is not ignorable. Favre may not be in it just for the money, but that's a lot to walk away from. I can understand if he considers it. But I'd be stunned if he eventually accepts.

By accepting such a deal, Favre would paint himself as a greedy monger, not as the legendary quarterback that he is. He wanted to play, but in the end is willing to stay low for some cash? That doesn't look too good for him. I think he's too smart to give himself that image, but then again, he's already handled this poorly, so he may continue piling on the blunders.