Open Mic- Summer Olympics

Adam RousseauContributor IAugust 1, 2008

With the Summer games only one week away, I am highly anticipating an increase in my DVR usage recording daily events on NBC while I am constantly checking the web for updates on how many medals the US is winning, who is becoming the golden boy or girl of the Beijing games, and which track and field stars came down with lung cancer after the preliminary races.  Okay, the last part was a joke, but I am highly anticipating some major issues in track and field due to the pollution the ancient city is known for worldwide.

I mean, one of the great part of the Olympic Games is the spirit of healthy competition.  How can we, as spectators, expect our country's athletes, not to mention those of other countries, to perform under such harsh environmental conditions.  I remember watching  the HD channels during the Athens Summer games when they  presented camera shots of Greece's coastline and the ancient ruins, being awestruck by he beauty of the landscape.  Now, we will be lucky if we will be able to see the architecture Beijing has to offer through the smog. 

Any who, I always love watching the US of A dominate in the track events, mostly the sprints, and gymnastics is always great to spectate because there always seems to be a dominate contender who is a sure thing to win but somehow finds a way to self destruct and miss the gold.  To be honest, I am excited to watch the aquatic events, Outdoors Volleyball, and the combat sports in wrestling and judo, seeing as I am an MMA practitioner.  And I am interested in seeing if we can put the ego aside and regain the top spot in basketball once again.  With Lebron, Kobe, Wade, Anthony, and basically hte whole team under hte tutelage of one of the best communicators in college basketball, Coach K, perhaps we will see Team USA rather than a bunch of Americans on the hardwood.  We'll see.

All in all, it should be exciting to watch.  The Olympics are always fun as it is the spirit of worldwide competiton that captures one's attention.  For me, it is watching the athletes who compete in events that have no professional leagues to compete.  It's watching the athletes who though make a living off what they compete in, basically train and compete for four years just to make it to the big stage and compete at the highest level of pure sport for two weeks, and then wait another four years to do it again.  It is that sense of putting all of your efforts towards one goal and succeeding that makes the Olympics worth watching.  GO USA!!!