Ellerbusch's WWE RAW Examinations (8/9/2010)

Ryan EllerbuschContributor IAugust 9, 2010

Thanks to all for reading my weekly installments of Ellerbusch’s WWE RAW Examinations. Last week’s RAW Examinations article had the most views (approximately 900 views) on Bleacher Report, but the fewest comments with only three. Please WWE Universe, post your opinion of WWE RAW this week and feel free to agree/disagree with some of my bulleted points that I am writing about.


With SummerSlam just six days away, my early predictions heading into this final week’s episode of Monday Night RAW is Sheamus, Kane, Big Show, Alicia Fox, and The Nexus.


Examiner.com is also reporting that The Rock will be at tonight’s live WWE RAW event. I highly doubt that as the Examiner gave no clear evidence in their rumor. Why they initially reported it without hardly any sources is beyond me. It’s also highly unlikely that The Rock will be the new anonymous GM of RAW either.


  • I’m already calling tonight’s main event as a disqualification finish as The Nexus “lumberjacks” will attack all four superstars in the ring, but then find themselves in trouble when the rest of the WWE RAW roster comes out to the ring for the save.
  • Bret Hart begins Monday Night RAW. My guess is that he’s coming out and talking about how Team WWE needs to regroup and how he can offer coaching to the RAW superstars.
  • Bret “The Hitman” BATMAN!!! Yes, Bret Hart was wearing a Batman t-shirt under his famous black and purple leather jacket.
  • Nice opening promo, I really want to see what Edge and Jericho have in store for SummerSlam.
  • Might Jericho turn face before he quits the WWE? The “Y2J” chants from the crowd really pumps me up and the WWE Universe.
  • How old is Bret Hart? During his promo, Bret was sweating profusely and losing his breath. However, he does have pretty good skills on the mic.
  • Who’s challenging The Hart Dynasty for their tag-team titles at SummerSlam? Might it be Jericho and Edge?
  • As a wrestling fan, I root hard for Cena, but I do love heels in the WWE such as The Miz and Jericho who are “the best at what they do.” Which just happens to be talking trash and cutting promos against the best faces out there in the WWE.
  • Edge rejoins Team WWE….how lame.
  • But wait, it seems as if Jericho and Edge just set up Bret Hart and indeed screwed him. I’m calling it now, either Jericho and Edge team up to try to win the tag-team titles at SummerSlam or they are involved in the storyline to cost Team WWE the victory against Team Nexus.
  • How cheesy was it having Natalya come to the ring to help console Bret Hart. But I guess the reason for it was so they could jump Tyson Kidd and David Hart Smith backstage.
  • John Cena just said he has to go talk to The Great Khali. I don’t know why, but that made me chuckle. And why is Cena talking to The Great Khali without his translator? The WWE sure make that backstage meeting look awkward.
  • Wow, The Miz is really rocking his new blue “I’m Awesome” shirt along with his red Money In The Bank briefcase and red, white, and blue United States Championship belt. The Miz is a true American…Red, White, and Miz. The colors of USA.
  • Evan Bourns vs. The Miz…This was an awesome match (pun indeed intended) booked by the WWE. I hope this match turns out to be great tonight as I would love to see these two wrestle for the U.S. Championship belt at SummerSlam, because so far there are just four matches scheduled.
  • That was an amazing move by Evan Bourne when he jumped on The Miz from behind off the ropes and tried to roll him up.
  • The “skull crushing finale” is not a very good finishing move. Very disappointed how this match ended…would’ve rather gave Bourne the win and momentum after he lost at MITB. He really hasn’t recovered since the MITB pay-per-view. Could this be the end of Evan Bourne’s exciting, yet very short push in the WWE?
  • Does the Money In The Bank briefcase have a dent in it? The Miz probably damaged it when he hit Sheamus with it a few weeks back.
  • Two weeks in a row now where The Miz said his famous line and wasn’t interrupted except by the awful (pun again intended) fans in the arena.
  • Alicia Fox is obviously pulling Melina’s hair and the referee doesn’t do anything. Come on WWE, during matches with Edge the referee even stresses the no hair pulling rule.
  • Not much to say about this divas match versus Alicia Fox and Melina. Melina’s flexibility is stellar and is giving me second thoughts about pulling an upset with another rollup win at SummerSlam against Alicia Fox.
  • Two divas matches in one night on WWE RAW? Booooooo
  • When did John Morrison grow a beard? John Morrison and R-Truth got into a pretty “scripted” discussion. R-Truth wasn’t too bad, but John Morrison needs work on a mic if he’s ever going to have a WWE Championship title reign.
  • Mark Henry…seriously? Does WWE RAW have anyone else to replace Edge and Jericho? How about Ted DiBiase or even Jerry “The King” Lawler?
  • Speaking of Ted DiBiase, now he’s facing Mark Henry. How about only the winner earns a spot on Team WWE?
  • Did Ted DiBiase pay The Nexus to jump Mark Henry prior to the match just so Ted could win the match and earn a spot on Team WWE?
  • My opinion on Mark Henry’s injury is that he is not really injured and is just selling it so it seems like he is definitely out of the mix to take a Team WWE spot and make The Nexus seem stronger than they really are.
  • Looks like a few Nexus “N” shirts in the crowd tonight.
  • That was sure a long email from the anonymous RAW GM. A lot of stipulations will be on the line Sunday night as Sheamus takes on Randy Orton after Orton scared Sheamus to the corner of a ring. I was hoping for an RKO from Orton or a kick to the skull from Sheamus instead of ending it the way they did.
  • In addition, the WWE and Sheamus totally blew it when Randy Orton ran to the corner as Sheamus delayed jumping into the corner of the ring and avoiding the attack. Big time blooper.
  • At the weeks leading up to MITB, Orton once stood on a ladder with the briefcase and tonight we just saw Orton hold up Sheamus’ WWE Championship belt. My guess is that Orton will still lose at SummerSlam. For some reason if you have momentum heading into a WWE pay-per-view, that wrestler tends to lose.
  • Is the WWE really that terrible that they have to put the Season 2 NXT guys on Monday Night RAW? Get these guys off the show. All the WWE wants to do is promote these guys and hope fans will watch more of NXT on Tuesday nights. No further comment on the outcome of this match except that Kaval reminds me of an Evan Bourne.
  • I don’t think Sheamus thinks he can beat Randy Orton. Instead of being a man and fighting Orton, he instead beats up on the rookies from NXT. Sheamus has no class.
  • Why is Zack Ryder wearing a license plate on his wrestling attire?
  • Question for Ladies: Better looking in the WWE…John Morrison or “Dashing” Cody Rhodes?
  • Divas is one-piece swimsuits…wow, the WWE is sure enforcing their PG rating that’s for sure.
  • The crowd is giving absolutely no pop to any of these attractive divas.
  • “Yip Yip Yip How It Do.” - Skip Sheffield on the mic cutting a promo along with other Nexus team members.
  • Could The Miz join Team WWE? If so, The Miz might finally find some fans who don’t think he’s loud and obnoxious after all.
  • The Miz will let us know Sunday at SummerSlam if he will join Team WWE. I actually like this booking decision by the WWE; it’s keeping me on my toes!
  • Did You Know? John Cena designed a new coffee cup for 7/11 and all the proceeds will go to the Make-A-Wish Foundation.
  • Here we go with the main event…as we see Edge and Jericho with a great strategy by throwing Cena outside of the ring to get assaulted by The Neuxs. After all this, maybe Cena will be too injured to compete on Team WWE. Wouldn’t that be interesting.
  • Nexus is giving Jericho a free pass outside of the ring. If the rumors are true, Jericho could be the WWE Superstar behind leading the Nexus. But maybe not anymore as Jericho and Edge leave the match. Anybody could have predicted that this match would not end clean. But wait just one minute, we have a Team WWE vs. Team Nexus brawl forming and the cameras at the Arco Arena in Sacramento, California are shaking.
  • It looks like now that Jericho and Edge are back on Team WWE for real, but what about the 7th member? My guess is that The Miz will accept Cena and Hart’s invite to join Team WWE at SummerSlam this Sunday.

Since WWE RAW is now over, I will be compiling my thoughts and be making a SummerSlam predictions slideshow article and posting it on Bleacher Report within the next few days. Thanks for reading!