Randy Orton: Legend Killer, Or Momentum Killer?

Trey WonderContributor IAugust 9, 2010

* Note- I'd like to mention that everything within this article is pure speculation. I'm a big Miz, Orton and Kofi fan, and while the article may seem biased at times, I'm writing the article from an opinion stand point based on hypothetical circumstances. This is also my First article here on B/R, and it may seem a little dated as I wrote this last week and didn't get to submit it until Friday night. I still need to adjust to the formatting of the website so please everybody be Patient with Me! I'd like to thank everyone in advance for the Read and I'd appreciate all feedback, both on the article itself and how you feel about the situation!



Recently The Miz has been riding a push that a lot of us agree that he's earned. His microphone skills are great, his in ring work is constantly improving and he's proving now that he's ready for the main event scene. He's recently grabbed the Money In The Bank Briefcase, which ensures him a Championship match whenever he chooses. He also currently holds the United States Championship, and while a lot of people consider that accolade as insignificant, it's still a noteworthy accomplishment when taking into account that he's on the heels of being a main event player. In fact, recently, Vince McMahon himself has stated that Mike “The Miz” Mizinan is the future of the WWE. There is one thing they hadn't counted on, however; Randy Orton.


Rumor has it that Randy Orton is annoyed with The Miz due to a segment occuring on the July 26th edition of Raw. During one of The Miz's MITB Cashing teases, Randy Orton gave The Miz an RKO. After delivering the finishing maneuver, Randy Orton was seen screaming and throwing his fists, publically displaying his frustration. According to backstage reports, Randy was furious, stating that “The Miz was in a position that indicated he was aware he was about to receive the RKO”.


We all know Randy Orton is a huge name in the promotion, especially now as one of Raw's top faces. He obviously has a huge influence on how things take place, and a complaint from someone like him could send anyone on the verge of a push back down the ladder. This brings me to question, what are Randy's intentions? Did he really feel The Miz's botch was such a credible threat to the company and public appearance that he needed to bring it to higher management? Or is Randy being a crybaby, stubborn over the fact that something didn't happen right? I apologize to who I may offend with this statement, but to me, it seems as though Randy needs to get off his high horse. I don't base that statement solely on what occurred between The Miz and Randy on Monday, but rather on numerous reports on Orton being responsible for holding back several pushes. It seems as though it's becoming less legitimate concerns and more of a frustrated man taking his power too far.


To make that assumption, we need to look at other incidents and claims. It's fair to say that Mr. Kennedy's firing was due to Randy Orton, but it's unfair to say its entirely his fault. The word is that Randy, along with other top tier superstars including John Cena, have made complaints about Mr. Kennedy's in ring work, and a lot of wrestlers have dubbed him too dangerous to work with. The incident in question was during an episode of Raw where Mr. Kennedy and “The Viper” were in the ring together. Mr. Kennedy attempted a back suplex on Randy Orton and botched the landing, dropping Randy on his head. Randy was visibly angry, however it's justifiable when looking at Kennedy's in ring work, taking into consideration that Randy was still recovering from a collarbone injury. Now if we fast forward to early 2009-late 2010, we see Randy in a feud with a star in the making, Kofi Kingston. Kingston and Orton had a series of back and forth's until a taping on Raw where Kofi reportedly messed up the ending of a match the 2 were involved in. Kofi was supposed to take a Punt Kick, however he kept getting out of position. Randy became frustrated and eventually ended the match with the RKO. Before going for the pin, Randy was seen screaming “stupid” at Kofi several times and was even reported swearing at Kofi on live television. According to several websites and other sources, this event followed by a complaint from Randy derailed Kofi's main event push.

Now this is merely speculation and opinion, but if these incidents prove to be true, it could be very problematic for several up-and-coming superstars. Randy Orton is one of the top dogs, so to speak, and recently he's served as a “main event stepping stone”, from Sheamus to the aforementioned Kofi and Miz. While it's understandable that he would be upset with some of these situations, I believe his reactions are unreasonable, knowing his impact in the industry. He knows a single comment could halt a push, derail it altogether or even get somebody fired, yet he goes about it the same way each time. It seems to me as though Randy's ego has gotten a little too big. While it's not necessarily the job of the top superstar to put over the up-and-comers, it seems vital in establishing a top name. John and HHH helped Sheamus break through, Jericho and Kurt Angle are constantly willing to put over the new guys, and let's not forget Kane's jobber position for an incredibly lengthy period. Randy's intentions seem more malicious than anything else, taking a small mistake that even he would have made and turning it into a career threatening moment. If anyone can remember (If you can't, no fear! Links will be given!) back to January 2004, Orton was involved in a 2 on 3 handicap match with Evolution vs. Chris Jericho and Rob Van Dam. Chris Jericho had applied the Walls of Jericho on Batista after RVD had just landed his 5 Star Frog Splash on Ric Flair, and Orton was to run from behind Chris Jericho and RKO him. If anybody does remember this match, then they obviously remember Randy Orton completely missing Chris Jericho, leading him to run back to the other side of the ring and try it again. In a completely hypothetical situation, imagine where Randy would be had Jericho gone to management and filed a complaint on him. Orton may have still been a main eventer by this point in time, but such a blow from someone as respected as Chris Jericho would undoubtedly have set him back.


I'd like everyone to remember that this is all speculation, and I'm basing this article on hearsay, reports I've read on respected websites and Randy's reactions to each incident. If this is true, what will this mean for The Miz and his push? For all we know The Miz's main event push could already be secured especially with Vince McMahon's cosign in place. However, it would be a shame to see someone's momentum be halted due to another mans frustration. Do you guy's think that Randy's complaints were legitimate or rather an egotistical tactic to either further his career or hold another career back? Doe's anybody believe that while his intentions were right, he went about it the wrong way? I will certainly be watching Raw with an open eye this Monday onward as I hope everyone will once reading this article. Please leave your comments and any questions you may have, and I would like to thank everybody reading and your input.


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