Tiger Woods: Why WE Need Tiger To Succeed

Stacey MicklesCorrespondent IIAugust 9, 2010

KOHLER, WI - AUGUST 09:  Tiger Woods plays a shot during a practice round prior to the start of the 92nd PGA Championship on the Straits Course at Whistling Straits on August 9, 2010 in Kohler, Wisconsin.  (Photo by Andrew Redington/Getty Images)
Andrew Redington/Getty Images


A few months ago, when all this stuff about Tiger Woods came out, like everyone else I was disgusted. I was disgusted by the fact that he not only cheated on his wife, but had no regard for his wife or kids not to mention his mistresses.


I had no sympathy for him or his mistresses (still have no sympathy for them). But recently, my attitude towards Tiger is beginning to change. I now feel sorry for the man. The greatest golfer in my opinion of all time finished basically LAST at a tournament.


Let me say that again; the best golfer in the world finished damn near LAST this weekend in a tournament. I don’t know what’s worse, Tiger playing the worst golf of his life this weekend, or calls for this man to basically take the rest of the year off.


This is the best golfer in the world people and there are people around the sports media saying he shouldn’t even be selected for the Ryder Cup.




I mean this is still Tiger, who without any distractions and apparently even with them, is still better then most of the golfers out there playing and he shouldn’t be picked for the Ryder Cup because he had a crappy weekend?


How many times has Phil Mickelson played lousy in tournaments and yet he’ll be on the Ryder Cup team as he should be because he is probably the second best player out there.


But with Tiger, it’s he’ll be a distraction, he isn’t playing his best golf, he hasn’t won  a major in the past few years, he has lost it, blah,blah,blah.

Let’s be honest here; all Tiger has right now is golf. He has paid for his sins by losing his wife and kids because of his indiscretions and now WE want to take away golf too because he’s not the Tiger we are use to seeing.


I don’t know about you guys, but I want to see Tiger get back on top again. Not only for Tiger, but fans like me who are tired of hearing the naysayers say he’ll never be back on top or he’s lost a step.


I want to see Tiger succeed to prove the sports media wrong and I want to see Tiger succeed for Tiger’s sake. We all love a good comeback story, here is hoping Tiger is one of those stories.




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