Eagles Training Camp: New 80 Man Roster Taking Toll on Eagles' Depth

Jameson FlemingSenior Writer IAugust 1, 2008

Eagles Training Camp has the reputation of being one of the toughest camps in the NFL. But today's practice?

Not so much.

The players practiced without pads, Coach Andy Reid gives his reason why.

"It was really numbers, between the 30 plus club and the defensive end and tight end situation, Matt Schobel is out for personal reason, we had to pull back a little bit."

Andy Reid gives players 30 years or older the morning off every three days, and Thursday was one of those days.

A light practice doesn't mean the team didn't get a good work-out in.

"We were still able to get the work in, we just didn't do the live period we normally do with pads. We still got all the work in we needed to."

The NFL cut down on the number of players each team can bring to camp. The Eagles only have three quarterbacks in camp and three kickers instead of four of each. Reid says the limited roster hurts the team in other areas.

"The 80 man roster hurts you in areas where guys get nicked up. We are normally stock piled on the defensive line and we wouldn't be in this situation."

The 80 man roster may present some problems, but Coach Reid says he's ready to adapt.

"If you have to make a little adjustment then no big deal. We still got a lot taught and at the same time, the guys will come out, put the pads back on tomorrow and be ready to go. We might even get a little more fire out of them than if you would have if you banged them today."

The injured players weren't the only ones to sit out Thursday. The players over the age of 30 also got their scheduled morning off. Coach Reid says those Eagles aren't just biding their time during their break from practice.

"They get in and normally work out a little bit, hit the tubs, get a little extra sleep. So they aren't just lying around."

Coach Reid says the 30 over club is working.

"These guys are a little older now. This is helping them so I'll keep it going."

Coach Reid says the team will have a full practice Friday as the 30 plus club will be back in pads and read to hit once again.

Jameson Fleming is an intern at ESPN Radio 1230 and 1320 and will be at Training Camp every day filing radio reports and publishing his transcripts on Bleacher Report.