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Yes you heard it here first folks, this PPV was amazing, it truly was.  I mean where else will you see out of shape wrestlers come together with some semi-shaped wrestlers and put on an awesome PPV.

I mean, they took the ramp, that goes up to the ring, and got rid of it, that being one of the best parts of the show.  The dark setting and bright blue lights made the style so wonderful to look at.  There is no better way to view a PPV, then by watching wrestlers face each other in the dark (funny, I don't remember that lighting in the original ECW).

How good was it to see a dance off on the first match of the night.  I personally loved watching that in ECW.  How good was it to see P.J Polaco and Kahoney's.  Who do you ask? Oh, yeah Justin Credible and Balls Mahoney, the same men that have been called, by their names, on TNA television in prior shows, but because they pushed the bar legally, by constantly saying ECW, they had to stop all type of wording, associated with ECW.

You will not see any other PPV like it folks.  I mean meaningless matches, full of just guys beating the crap out of each other, and blood everywhere.  It was great.


Alright, now to be serious.

Look, Tazz came out and told all the haters to kiss his ass.  I agree with him.  There was a lot of people that did say ECW was nothing, but they were something.  I on the other hand have said nothing bad about ECW, then, but, have said a lot about ECW now.  I was much against this PPV and what was happening.  I was against the older ECW guys going in the ring when no one asked for them to come back.  I was extremely against Dixie giving these guys air time over her own home grown talent, while her talent gets a B.S PPV style Impact this Thursday.  I was against all of it.

After watching the PPV, did I change my mind?  Just a tad.  I believe they could have given these guys a show, but, it should have been on Impact, or a special on Spike TV (I'll take that over the Impact show), NOT on PPV, and I hope they learn from it.  Watching this PPV, I could see that the guys really loved being there and wanted to put on a big show.  They really wanted to go out with a bang, and TNA did everything they could do to make it as authentic as it could be, by honoring people and feuds.  By calling upon people, and even having them speak when they weren't available.

BUT, you can't be successful, if no one watches ECW anymore.  How can anyone get into a match that has no build?  How do you expect the youth of today, who are the ones tuning into your show, to watch something, that most never saw originally?  You are a business woman first, Dixie, and this was a bad business decision.

The first match was a laugh off.  We saw a dance off and some tag action with comedy all around.  The best part of the first match was watching Kid Kash.  He was a favorite of mine, and he still has it.  I would like to see him in TNA, not for nothing.

CW vs Scorpio was actually a pretty good match.  Scorpio still got the moves man, but I would not want to see him in TNA.  His moonsault leg drop was sick, or Inverted 450, whatever you want to use.  Move of the night, I'll tell you that much.

Stevie Richards vs Justin Credible was allllrighht.  Nothing really good here.  It should have been a 3 way with Rhino, because the match Rhino was in was not good.  This had an appearance by Sandman.  An out of shape, slow walking Sandman.  There was nothing exciting here because the lights went out, came on, and he was standing there with no music.  Last I heard WWE doesn't own Metallica music.  I don't know why they couldn't have played the song, or any song for that matter.  It was lackluster.

Rhino vs Brother Runt vs Al Snow.  What can I say?  Just a thrown together match with nothing good to show, like I said Rhino should have been in the previous match.

3d vs Rotten/Balls.  Rotten balls, funny.  Anyway, this match had the crowd at its peak.  There was nothing but crowd hype through the whole match, and that is what 3D does consistently.  It was a pretty good match, and we got to see someone go through a fire table.  In the end the Gangstas came out. Now, New Jack has thrown himself threw so many tables in his life, that this was his only shining moment.  He just basically beat up 3D, then they hugged it out.

I don't know if it was the stream I was watching (there was no way I was ordering this PPV), or it was just the way it was, but in the last two matches, it seemed like the crowd was not into it as much.  The announcers also had moments of pure silence, just not even knowing what to say while action was happening in the ring.

Tommy Dreamer vs Raven just had a bunch of things just thrown on top of each other, and just non stop beating the hell out of each other.  I know that was there style of match back in the day, but it just doesn't translate the same today.  Maybe it's me, but it just felt off.  In the end Dreamers wife came in the ring and pulled a "Don't hurt my husband move".  Anyway, Dreamer ended up doing a DDT, while his hands were handcuffed, which was called by Tenay like he did a Death Valley Driver through 3 tables, lol.  In the end Raven won.  I'll tell you what though, these guys did beat the crap out of each other.

RVD vs Sabu.  RVD vs Lynn would have been great to see and it was really the only shining light in the PPV, but that didn't happen, so we got Sabu.  Now, Sabu did not disappoint.  Him and RVD gave a pretty good match, and of course Sabu still has it after the amounts of beatings he has taken over the years.  This, along with the CW vs Scorpio match, were probably the best on the card, but that isn't saying much.

Again, this PPV was good for being a nostalgia show, and they tried real hard to make it that way.  By the reactions from people it seems that most were satisfied in that aspect of honoring the old ECW.  But, as a PPV, it did what I knew it would do.  I hate that they put this over there own home grown talent.  But, like I said, I changed from being a person who didn't want it on my television, to saying that it should have been a special ONLY.  

Anyway, what's done is done.  I hope the results speak for itself and Dixie doesn't screw her home grown talent for anybody else, but knowing TNA, they will now focus on the Attitude era, and try to bring in Val Venis, The New Age Outlaws, Mick Foley, and others. Maybe do some invasion of WWE territory.  Oh wait, they did that already.  So they did NWO, the Attitude ERA, ECW, hmm what's next?

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