TNA Just Keep Doing Whatever Your Doing Please.

Cameron RaiContributor IAugust 9, 2010

Now most of you would be very confused by the title of this article but I for on am fine with that TNA wrestling is doing. Seeing as their downfall = Possible satisfaction for the wrestling fans.

See for the last month and a half or so, TNA has been giving us this absolutely terrible storyline involving the ECW "originals". Now don't get me wrong, I LOVED the original ECW but this so called "EV.20" is nothing then a half assed, rehashed version and I don't care for TNA making it their first priority.

The WWE also tried something similar when they revived ECW back in 2006. However, this ECW was by no means their main focus. The WWE brought it ECW back after ECW One Night Stand, (which TNA is blatantly copying," Hardcore Justice, One Last Stand"). And the buildup to the event was great and the bringing back of ECW was pretty good untill about the 3rd month in.

ECW became washed up, and not at all extreme and more of a training ground for up and coming WWE superstars. The WWE finally decided to kill off ECW once and for all. That was until  about a month and a half ago when TNA planned their invasion.

Now the main point of the article. Lots of the TNA homegrown talent strongly dislikes the ECW veterans coming in and becoming TNA's main focus. This includes AJ Styles and now suspended Samoa Joe. Thats right, one of TNA's biggest talents.. is SUSPENDED.

So the way I see it, if TNA keeps overshadowing their own talent, perhaps AJ Styles and Samoa Joe and all those other amazing talents could head to a different company. I'd LOVE to see AJ and Samoa Joe in the WWE, as well as even Eric Young and the MCMG. Maybe even bring back Petey Williams ?

The point is, TNA can do whatever they want and this point, but if they do continue, I feels that all the TNA talent could jump ship eventually. If not to WWE, maybe to the indies or New Japan Wrestling or anywhere their true talent isn't being over shadowed by 40 year old men who can't work a match to save their lives.

Now, I know I'm thinking optimistically about all of this, considering I doubt some of TNA's talent would leave TNA but I for one would love for TNA to sink to the ground with no talent, so they can take Hogan, Bicshoff, and every other washed up "wrestler" looking for some more fame with it.