Taker's Attacker: Not Who You Would Think?

Matt OffermannCorrespondent IAugust 9, 2010

 We have all seen Kane's rampage about who the assailant was that took out his "brother" The Undertaker. Kane was went on a tear trying to find out who it was that did it. We all have our theories as to who did it, these are mine.

Rey Mysterio

 Not a chance in hell. I am not taking anything from the guy. He's good no doubt about it but just like Drew MacIntyre said  theres no way someone like Rey could take out someone like the Undertaker. At least without help. Even with it theres no point. Too many questions would come from it and it just doesnt make sense. Maybe it was him but I highly doubt it.

Jack Swagger 

 The All-American American did have a reason if he did take out the dead man. Still dont think so though. Ya Taker probably would have won the title in the Fatal-4-Way and Swagger just wanted to keep it and yes hes dirty enough to have. I Just dont think so. Even with him bringing his father out to provide an alliby to Kane to clear his name doesnt really help his case any though. I'm sure if i had a huge guy after me I could talk my dad into lying for me. There are some yes's and no's to Jack but realistically I dont think it was him.

CM Punk and the Straight Edge Society

  Probably the more realistic group that could have done it but its not quite there for me. The S.E.S. had the numbers to go over on Taker but really like I have said before, theres no point. If the WWE has to go that low to try to make it out that a group of non drinking, smoking and every other not good thing in the world beat up a huge Icon then I feel bad for them. However, They did do a number on the worlds biggest athlete, haha, the Big Show so it is possible that they could have.

Another WWE Wrestler

 It might sound wierd but this is my second choice if my first isnt right. The WWE might take a page out of the WWF's book to get a little more interesting. If you remember way back in the day when Stone Cold was ran over by a car. The main person thought responsable was HHH. If you want to get technical he actually didn't do it either. It was another wrestler in Rikishi. That one took everybody by suprise. No motive yet it made for an awsome showing. If someone unknown did it trying to make a name or further their career that would make for a great storyline.


 Ok now just stick with me. I believe Kane did it 100%. Why though? Theres actually a good point here if he did do it for motive. Kane could easily beat most anybody on the roster so getting the title would be no problem from the machine. Keeping the belt, however, would be a different problem. If he did keep it for a while eventually one man would come after it. The Undertaker. Kane doesnt exactly have a good track record against Taker since he HAS NEVER BEAT HIM 1 ON 1 IN HIS LIFE. If it were me I would have done the same thing. Take out the one man that can beat you and your golden. I see it going down like this. Pending Taker has recovered from injuries at SummerSlam. I am gonna say Kane will beat Rey and keep the title. At the end of the match though imagine the lights go out Taker style the bell rings and when they come back Taker stands behind Kane, gives him a Tombstone and has every writer on here jumping to their computer. That would be the best case storyline for the WWE and honestly the best one in a while.