Ring Rap with Matt: Mickie James, TNA Talent Unhappy, and More!

Matthew HesterSenior Writer IAugust 8, 2010

It seems that, as of late, there has been a nice little spurt of wrestling news popping up. Instead of just posting up one article of a time, I figured it would be easier for me and you to just post a few things at once. I will be posting up the news when it comes in, and I will call the series, "Ring Rap with Matt." We have a lot coming in, so I will just get right to the news.


Mickie James Going to TNA

It seems that former WWE diva Mickie James isn't ready to throw in the towel yet. It is being reported that she is currently in talks with TNA. According to Mickie, working with TNA would not only accommodate her music career, but it would also be easier for her to be with her family.

Adding Mickie to the Knockouts division would greatly improve the current watered-down division. She is very talented and can be thrown in instant feuds with any female on the roster. I will keep everyone posted as more comes in.


Grumblings in TNA Land

According to the Wrestling Observer, the TNA wrestlers are very unhappy campers. It is being said that the TNA wrestlers are not required to show up for the upcoming Hardcore Justice PPV. The major issue is TNA wrestlers are paid per appearance. If they are not at the PPV, then they will be missing out on a PPV payday.

It seems to me that this PPV is starting to become more of problem than its worth. I do not envy Dixie Carter right now. She has had a lot to deal with as of late. With Jerry Lynn out, the possibility of a lawsuit, and now possible unhappy talent, she may just be in over her head.


Randy Savage Signs with WWE Again

It has been confirmed by many sources that "Macho Man" Randy Savage has signed a legends contract with WWE. It is being said that WWE wanted to sign him in order to make an action figure of him in their new line coming out.

This does leave him open for future work with the company. He can make appearances amongst many other things. It will be interesting to see if WWE takes advantage of the situation. Considering he is rumored to be put in the Hall of Fame, it would make sense to sign him.


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