A Madden Curse? Welcome to the 2010 Season Drew Brees

Vince RiccioContributor IAugust 8, 2010

DETROIT - FEBRUARY 4: Broadcaster and former coach John Madden speaks at the podium after his selection to the NFL Hall of Fame during a press conference February 4, 2006 at the Renaissance Center in Detroit, Michigan. (Photo by Scott Boehm/Getty images)
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Now that the NFL officially begins tonight with the Hall of Fame matchup between the Bengals and Cowboys, we need to remind ourselves what might be the fate of the Saints’ 2010 season.


All of this curse talk revolves around the idea of superstition.  You know, superstition?  What has surrounded the NFL for who knows how long now?


Poor John.  To have a successful game franchise is incredible.  To have a curse that lingers is a whole entirely different thing.


Let us first start off with the textbook definition of superstition from our friends at www.dictionary.com.


Superstition - [soo-per-stish-uh n] Noun


1. A belief or notion, not based on reason or knowledge, in or of the ominous significance of a particular thing, circumstance, occurrence, proceeding, or the like.


It as been said, that those who find themselves on the cover of Madden have inexplicable bad luck.  Do you believe in the hype?  Let’s take a look:



Player – Issue


Barry Sanders – Sanders called it quits and never played a single down for the Lions.  It was a shocker and it started the ball rolling of what is considered, “the Madden Curse.”


Eddie George – Eddie went from career highs (the year previous) to career lows and found the endzone only 5 times that season.  Bad Luck.


Daunte Culpepper – Where do we begin?  Once he appeared on the cover of Madden his team was led to a dismal 4 - 7 record.  Enough said.


Marshall Faulk – Somehow, someway Faulk injured his ankle and not only dipped in yardage, but also missed the playoffs, and the Rams celebrated a record with 7 wins and 9 losses.


Michael Vick – Two words, fractured fibula.


Ray Lewis – Poor Ray had a wonderful season in 2003 but 2004 was doomed due to Madden.  Lewis did not record a single interception and even sat out the last game of the season.


Donovan McNabb – McNabb decided to stare down the curse and claimed he believed it to be false.  Well, picture this… welcome to game one… McNabb injures himself with a hernia.  He requires surgery later in the season and missed nearly the remainder of the season.


Shaun Alexander – Shaun entered into week three feeling confident; left with a broken foot.


Vince Young – Vince had a healthy track record up until that 2007 season; Vince also injured his quadriceps and missed the following week.


Brett Favre – We seem to know this one all too well.  Brett was SUPPOSED to retire and didn’t.  His mug ends up on the cover of Madden and Favre finds himself with a season of interceptions and a torn bicep.


Troy Polamalu / Larry Fitzgerald – Larry ended up with some sort of invulnerability when it came to the curse because he had a alright year.  Sadly, Troy suffered a sprained MCL.


Drew Brees - ?


What’s Your Take?  Do you believe in any of this hype?