ROH World Champion Tyler Black Signs With World Wrestling Entertainment

Joe Burgett Senior Writer IIIAugust 8, 2010

According to multiple reports, ROH World Champion Tyler Black has signed with World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE). The deal is developmental, so it's unlikely he will be brought in and used on TV right away.

The developmental deal should be about two years as custom for a guy of his stature in the business, but he could move up within six months if he improves.

Black still has to defend the ROH World Title, and has dates set for the next month, which are all full of title defenses. It's likely that he will drop the belt sooner rather than later to either Rodrick Strong or Austin Aries.

The likely month to see him in FCW would be September, according to reports. But he could end up like Bryan Danielson in that he had a lot of Indy dates to finish out before actually joining with the WWE.

Black could be in by September, but I think the most likely time would be October personally.

The WWE has wanted Black for some time and has watched him closely since ROH debuted on HDNet last year. Not to mention they have had their eye on him before in other organizations he's performed at.

Black has all the skills in the ring, but lacks skill on the mic, which is usually the case with Indy performers of his age.

Black reminded me a lot of Joe Hennig when he first signed with the WWE in that he has a ton of skill in the ring, far better than any other performer out there, but is terrible on the mic.

Hennig, now known as Michael McGuillicuty on NXT, has really improved on the mic and adding that, along his already great skill in the ring makes him a future World Champion. It took a little time to perfect that area, but he got better and so will Black.

Black has been in ROH for some time now, but has proven that he can carry a company and look like a legit champion when given the opportunity. If you ask me, Black will be a force in the WWE if used correctly.

He has been in some terrific matches, some of which I'd call "best match of the year" candidates. The Fatal Four Way involving he, Jerry Lynn, Austin Aries, and Bryan Danielson last year was one of the best matches I ever witnessed.

So we know he will be someone the fans will want to see week in and week out. But what do you think?

Will Black be a huge star in the WWE?


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