UFC 117 Fight Recap

chris lContributor IAugust 8, 2010

Pretty decent card last night. No major fireworks but the bar exploded when the Flying Fist Dutchman Struve rock 'em sock 'em roboted Morecraft.

Struve / Morecraft. Struve makes anyone look small, even shooting guard/sf-sized guys like Morecraft.  The fight began like others involving the Dutchman----on his back (he for whatever reason, doesn't pot-shot from the outside as much as you'd expect from his crazy length a la Maine-iac Sylva). Morecraft consistently got the better of Struve, pounding shots from above and giving Struve a hang-dog lip, and occasionally connecting with canvas. Fight ends on the fence with a fantastic flurry and bobble-heading of Morecraft.

Nelson / Dos Santos. Nelson takes more shots than an NBA warm-up. Crowd oohed and ahed whenever Big Country took one flush in the maw---which was a whole lot. Dos Santos looks crisp, with a varied attack and sharp crosses. Repeatedly exposes a full Nelson (hey, had to throw in a weight joke somewhere) with uppercuts. Big Roy seems gassed by round two and you pretty much knew how this would go. Back to the drawing board and buffet table for B.C.

Hughes / Almeida. Personal bias: although a great fighter, I am repelled by anything Hughes-related and would root for ANYONE not convicted of a serious felony, over him at any time. Almeida looks crisp and lively on his feet early on. Hughes employs his wrestler 'feeling around in the dark for the light switch' style of striking. Incredibly, Hughes connects first, putting Ricardo down and getting him in a submission I'd never seen before from that position.

Guida / Dos Anjos. Guida is the ultimate grinder, but unlike the monumentally tedious Jon Fitch, is a joy to watch. For a guy who throws as many punches as he does, he never knocks anyone the hell out. Must be exhausting. No pop at all---but the one guy in the UFC who looks like he could go 10 rounds if he had to. Fight stopped due to strange jaw injury, and Clay an energized whirling dervish and unabashed shill on the mic post-fight.

Fitch / Alves. Fitch dominates a disinterested-looking Alves, who looked sluggish, and was consistentely getting off second despite a few fancy flourishes. No explosiveness like we saw against Kos or Hughes. Fitch is undoubtedly the sport's most boring fighter not named Randy Couture. Am biased against wrestlers who cannot finish. Eight of his last 10 fights were a gaping yawn decision-grind. He's immensely talented and tenacious but that doesn't mean I have to care.

Silva / Sonnen. Usually, Silva will take some time to get a sense of his opponent's next move, in order to plot vicious counters. Sonnen prevented this with quick and decisive shoots. Anderson was frustrated repeatedly, but showed off his sporadic counter-prowess with short elbows and kicks against the Oregonian, bloodying his face. Regardless, repeated take-downs and ugly short punches from full, half guard had the decorated wrestler surprisingly to some, in full control. Looked like it was going to be a long and brutal night for the Spider before he pulled victory out of the fire, with a triangle then armbar.