UFC 117 Results: Anderson Silva Submits Chael Sonnen, Breaks His Heart

Erik FontanezCorrespondent IAugust 8, 2010

OAKLAND, Calif.: Chael Sonnen talked a whole lot before his fight with Anderson Silva at UFC 117.  For 24 minutes, the challenger lived up to every word of hype he built up prior his meeting with the champion on Aug. 7, but in the end, Sonnen ended up on the losing end of a spectacular fight.

Sonnen irritated many a person with his talk about Silva.  Many thought his mind games were getting old and they expected him to be utterly demolished by the middleweight champ.

This, however, did not happen.

Chael Sonnen did everything he said he was going to do to Silva for the duration of the fight up until the very end.  He said he was going to put Silva on his back...done.  He said he was going hammer him...he did.

Sonnen was, literally, two minutes away from walking out of Oracle Arena with the gold around his waist, then he got caught in the spider's web.

"I'm devastated," Sonnen said at the post-fight press conference.  "I came in second.  I worked hard and did what I can do and all that nice stuff, but at the end of the day you either get your hand raised or you don't."

The devastation Sonnen feels is warranted.  He came closer to beating Anderson Silva than anyone in the UFC has done before him.  His performance was stellar and people are already talking rematch.

"Fighting Anderson Silva is a lot like eating Chinese food," said Sonnen.  "20 minutes after I do it, I'm going to want to do it again."

Sonnen was ready to go at it again, but, obviously, that can't happen.  He'll have to wait until things come together.  What are those things?  Several little details according to the UFC president.

"Timing, where the fight's going to be, how these guys are feeling,"  listed Dana White.

For now, Chael Sonnen can reflect on his evening and recognize that he did what no other UFC middleweight can claim: he dominated Anderson Silva for the majority of a five-round fight.

Unfortunately, he fell into a triangle and it cost him dearly.

The hurt in the eyes of the fallen challenger was described in the post-fight press conference when he said, "my heart is broken."


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