UFC 117: Chael Sonnen Came So Very Close To Beating Anderson Silva

Dorothy WillisSenior Writer IAugust 8, 2010


Poor Chael Sonnen!

So close to a victory over his silent nemesis Anderson Silva, only to be triangled into tapping out!

Viewers at our home groaned at each shot Chael threw and Anderson absorbed, until we were sharing throat lozenges along with our popcorn and chips.

Soda was all but forgotten during the five rounds of unrelenting punishment of our idol by the brash trash-talker who appeared to be on his way towards a certain victory.

"Listen," I said to my family with a measure of disgust in my voice, "Goldberg is getting ready to eulogise the former champ!"

Then in a heart beat as Sonnen leaned further back on his heels to pummel Anderson, long legs came up to Chael's shoulders and a wonder to behold: the tables had turned and Anderson had pulled off a MMA miracle!

It didn't seem possible...as our mouths gaped open in amazement, Anderson squeezed, Chael's right hand rose and fell softly, and the world seemed to tilt as people started yelling, "He tapped!"

Could it be?

No wait, Anderson untangling himself from the knot he had created with Chael, looking angry and arose as Chael started arguing with the ref..."NO! He didn't tap!" Anderson walking away gesturing that, no way, he did tap!

Would this be a steal by Sonnen at the last second?

Who had won?

Surely the doubt only lasted a few seconds, but we were collectively, breathlessly awaiting the final decision...victory, or defeat? So close...so very, very close.

Thanks to the miracle of replaying the tape, it became evident that although it was not at all vigorous or whole hearted, Chael Sonnen indeed gave up his dreams of winning the Middle Weight title championship with a faint tapping movement of his hand.

Victory to the Spider!

It was shocking to me and my kin that Chael could have possibly bluffed his way out of tapping. The mouth that roared for weeks on end appeared to us to try to deceive his way to a win and steal the belt!

Many fights have ended in controversy that have been argued for years. Thank the powers that be, as well as the tape, this would not be one of them, except maybe in Chael Sonnen's interpretation of events.

As Anderson Silva knelt with his head bowed at Sonnen's feet, I wondered if at last Sonnen would comprehend that the humble Spider whom he had so readily defamed, was honoring him by giving him respect for a fight well fought.

The two men clenched again, but this time, not in battle.

Hopefully, Chael finally "gets it."