Nexus vs. EV 2.0

Paul GoldmanContributor IAugust 8, 2010

Nexus vs. EV 2.0

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    Hey Bleaches!

    Somehow, I had the idea to create Dream matches between Nexus and EV 2.0!

    Let's do this thang!

    (Tell me your thoughts in the comments!)

Wade Barrett vs. Tommy Dreamer

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     This would pit leader vs. leader.

    Barrett would prevail.

    Winner: Wade Barrett

Heath Slater vs. Raven

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    This match would end easily.

    Raven's veteran skills would dominate Slater.

    Winner: Raven

Skip Sheffield vs. Rhino

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    This match would pit brute force against brute force.

    There would be a lot of high spots, including Rhino goring Skip off of the announce table.

    Winner: Rhino

Michael Tarver vs. Bubba Ray

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    This match would be kind of boring.

    Tarver would use his speed to dominate.

    Then pin. 123.

    Winner: Michael Tarver

David Otunga vs. Sabu

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    Otunga would hit his spinebuster right off the bat while Sabu was butchering one of his first promos.


    Winner: David Otunga

Darren Young vs. Sandman

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    This would pit two weirdos against eachother.

    Young would dominate.

    Until the Singapore Cane came into play.

    Winner: Sandman

Justin Gabriel vs. RVD

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    This would be the main event.

    RVD would counter a 450 into rolling thunder.

    Then hit the 5-star frog splash.

    Winner: RVD


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Closing thoughts.

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