TNA Impact Results and Review for 8/5/2010

Paul GoldmanContributor IAugust 7, 2010

Hey Bleaches! Paul G here to review TNA Impact from 8/5/10! Let's get started!

We get a video package advertising HardCORE Justice, where the EV2.0 is in the ring with Hulk, and Abyss interrupts and says THEY are mad about EV2.0. It shows Dreamer vs. Abyss, with Raven interfering. The title of this week's show is: "THERE'S NO PLACE LIKE HOME."

Theme song and Intro. I love TNA's theme song.

We learn there will be Abyss and Raven vs. Dreamer and RVD match set for tonight.

Here comes Dreamer, saying: "Raven. Get out here cuz you got some explaining to do right now." Raven comes out. The two have a battle of words, and this is a pretty good promo. Raven is so old, but awesome. Raven kinda creeped me out talking about how those kids should be his. Chants of "UNCLE SCOTTY" echo. Raven also thinks HardCORE Justice is a joke, and Dreamer is too committed to it. He says that he will cripple Dreamer.

They fight on the stage, and Abyss tries to chokeslam Dreamer through the stage but here comes RVD with the chair, owning Abyss. Dreamer gets DDTed by Raven on the stage. Foley comes and whacks Raven with barbwire stick. He says Dreamer vs. Raven for HardCORE Justice will take place with Mick as ref.

Rating: 3.5/5

This segment was OK, with some good spots, especially with Foley.

We learn there will be more matches: MCMG vs. Beer Money Ultimate X and Lethal vs. Flair Street Fight.

Here come Sky and Erich.


Lacey Von Erich and Madison Rayne vs. Hamada and Taylor Wilde TNA Knockouts Tag Team Championships

Von Erich and Taylor start off. Wilde goes for a pin, one. Hamada is in. Jawbreaker on ropes. Erich pins, two. Double team. Velvet pins, one. Von Erich pins, two. Wilde German Suplex. Clothesline, Dropkick. BP getting beat up. Here comes Mystery Woman and Rayne. Slaps ref. Outside ring. Gives Lacey chair. Kicks chair into Von Erichs face. Wilde pins, one, two, three. Hamada and Taylor Wilde are your new TNA Knockouts Tag Team champions.

Rating: 2/5

This match was boring, but nice to see Hamada back.


Rob Terry vs. AJ Styles TNA Television Championship

I think it's funny that the belt still says Legends Championship when it has changed names twice. Kazarian is sent to the back. Rob Terry chases him away. Pushes Styles. Irish whip. Double-handed chokeslam in the corner. Shoulder attack. Back body drop. Dropkick counter. Choke. Throw. Spaldine Taz. Ref getting hit in corner. Paylay. Amazing springboard 450 by AJ. Pin 1,2,3. AJ is your winner.

Rating: 3/5

I give it major points for the springboard 450. I loved that spot. Other than that, decent match.

We get a Kurt Angle video package talking about him mowing through the Top 10 Rankings, and how AJ is next in line.

Jay Lethal talks about him beating Flair.

We have a Bound For Glory promo. I will be going to that in October.

Abyss and Janice promo.

BP fighting backstage. CALL AN AMBULANCE!!!


Motor City Machineguns vs. Beer Money Ultimate X Match No. 4 in Best of Five Series

Here come Beer Money, but without the beer cart. Dangit. Beer Money says nobody likes each other and that they will be the face of tag team wrestling. Saying Ultimate X is MCMG's domain. Amazing match, with a lot of high spots. MCMG are your winners.

Rating: 5/5 

Again, they put on an amazing match. My friend's Mom who doesn't know them even said it was wonderful. Especially funny when Storm said he had been drinking.


Here comes Hogan/Bischoff/Tessmacher. Bishcoff plays up the idea of their free PPV. Here comes Nash with a steel chair going to hit Hogan. Jarrett comes and kicks it into his face but here comes Sting. He hits all of them except Nash and throws the bat. Note Sting is wearing red face paint.

Rating: 2/5

Nice to see the return of Sting, but too much WCW and old guy stuff. Bischoff kept rhyming. The idea of the free pay-per-view is to showcase the other non-hardcore TNA stars instead of them being on HardCORE Justice.


Orlando Jordan vs. The Pope D'angelo Dinero

I won't even talk about Orlando Jordan. He is disgusting. Well not him, but what they do with him. Eric Young comes and eats Pope's Money. Morgan comes and beats up Pope after he wins. Anderson comes and beats up Matt Morgan.

Rating: 4/5

This was a nice way to showcase some wrestlers, but Jordan is gross.


Ric Flair vs. Jay Lethal Street Fight

Flair is stripped to his undies and Doug Williams comes out. Flair is bleeding way too much. It's going to be hilarious if he dies from blood loss. Williams hits Lethal with X Division Championship after Flair's pants are down.

Rating: 3/5

It was decent, but I could have gone without seeing Flair's "Parts" though.

RVD is interviewed. Jerry Lynn comes and says he will be facing RVD at HardCORE Justice.


Abyss and Raven vs. RVD and Dreamer

Fighting on ramp. Kind of a boring match. Your winners are Dreamer and RVD. After the match Raven beats up Team 3D. Sandman is back, hitting Abyss and Raven.

Rating: 4/5

Pretty cool.


Final Rating: 3.5/5

There were some good spots here and there, with the only major thing being Sandman.

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