2010 College Football Predictions: Realistic Expectations for Texas A&M

Jim CowanCorrespondent IAugust 7, 2010

COLLEGE STATION, TX - NOVEMBER 26: Quarterback Jerrod Johnson #1 of the Texas A&M Aggies scrambles for a gain against the Texas Longhorns in the second half at Kyle Field on November 26, 2009 in College Station, Texas. The Longhorns defeated the Aggies 49-39 (Photo by Aaron M. Sprecher/Getty Images)
Aaron M. Sprecher/Getty Images

It could probably go without saying that many Aggie fans have higher expectations than they actually deserve. It’s natural for any fan of any team really, I mean, who predicts a 4-8 season? While there are certainly some question marks with a few changes, primarily the near NCAA bottom defense, I will attempt to breakdown why this years high expectations are different than recent years past.

First, the sched. On paper it plays out nicely to what the Ags need to achieve this season. Here’s how I see it breaking down:

One, two and three, SFA, LA Tech and FIU respectively. Why I’m not sweatin’ it – because it’s Stephen F. Austin, LA Tech and Florida International. A loss here and heads will roll. Boy oh boy the Big 12 loves to roll up on the Sun Belt come scrimmage time, no chance they’d ever come up losers right? Why I’m sweatin’ it – Arky State 2008. Yeah, it can happen and it did happen. (W-W-W)

Ags travel to Oklahoma State for game four. Why I’m not sweatin’ it – three words, no Keith Toston. Sans Bryant and Hunter, this guy tore the Aggie D a new one, as it turned out, not an outrageous feat but cost them the game nonetheless. Furthermore, new OC, new QB, new Cowboy stars-in-the-making, hoping they’re not quite there yet after rolling over their scrub preseason. Why I’m sweatin’ it – Aggies on TV usually = FAIL (at least recently). Also, home Big 12 opener in T. Boone Pickens Stadium is tough for anyone. (W)

Southwest Classic Time! Ags v Hogs. Why I’m not sweatin’ it – last season. See disappointing TV. They ended the game well albeit too little too late. Why I’m sweatin’ it – last season. See Aggies on TV. Oh, and that guy called Ryan Mallett. (W/L)

Number six is at home to Mizzou; seven, at Kansas. Why I’m not sweatin’ it – because this aint 2008. Mizzou will once again be overrated and Kansas will sink back down to the bottom of the North. Why I’m sweatin’ it – the ole “looking through team whoever” excuse. These two games will be easy to look past as the gauntlet of their schedule will start next in the week. Gill is legit but may take him a few to establish himself in Lawrence. (W-W)

Week eight brings the Red Raiders into town. As much as Aggie fans want to disrespect this rivalry as no rivalry at all the team has to win and win every year. Last season was a good start! Why I’m not sweatin’ it – new coach new system. While they bring back Sheffield and Potts, gone are the days where you could expect the Texas Tech QBs putting up grody numbers. Take a look at Hawaii after Jones. Tuberville is legit and there’s no way around that but I’m afraid he’s going to have a tougher time in Lubbock than everyone seems to think. Why I’m sweatin’ it – Tommy Tuberville is legit, as I said. And Tech is Tech. If any team seems to beat folks when they least expect it, it’s Tech, right Sooners y horns? (W)
The ninth game will be the biggest test of the season... I said it first right here! Oklahoma comes to Kyle Field. Arguably one of the best wins in recent history came back in 2002 when A&M beat #1 Oklahoma in College Station. Guess what, they haven’t come close since save a one point game a few years back. In fact most of the game sense have been the most embarrassing Aggie football games in history! Two straight seasons they’ve hung over 60 points and three straight over 42! Why I’m not sweatin’ it – Not sure here, due theory maybe. A win has gotta come sometime and this year sets up to be a good one. They will NEED this win more than any other especially if Oklahoma is where they usually are, near top, and the Ags do what I expect them to, this could be a Big 12 decider! Why I’m sweatin’ it – Uh, start from the beginning of this paragraph. For whatever reason, Stoops just disrespects A&M year in and year out and there’s nothing they can do about it. (W/L)

It’s break time right... tenth game, hang out in Waco for a minute... beat Baylor. Wrong! Why I’m not sweatin’ it – because it’s Baylor, needn’t anything more to say. Why I’m sweatin’ it – Robert Griffith, again, nothing else to say about that. (W)

The Blackshirts roll in for game eleven. Why I’m not sweatin’ it – because they will have already beaten texas at home so they won’t care about A&M. Not really that simple actually. This game is going to be a battle of power offense (A&M) vs. power defense (Huskers). The experience and weaponry points to the Ags. Why I’m sweatin’ it – Nebraska will likely be on top of the North, so if things go as I see it, there could be a rematch in a couple weeks. They won’t want that so they’ll be gunnin’ for this one! (W)

The Lonestar Showdown! Texas A&M at texas! It will not get any better than this in the 2010 season. Texas will be where they normally are but I predict a little bit of a drop-off sans McCoy. Why I’m not sweatin’ it – the truth is, everyone sweats this game because you can throw everything out the window. It’s the best rivalry in sports (opinion). Statistically the best QB in college football history was 2-2 vs. the Aggies. He’s gone now. I’m sure Gilbert is legit, I mean, texas won’t settle for a scrub under center, but there will be some lag time here. With a couple of losses, texas will be less fired up for this game than the Aggies. Why I’m sweatin’ it – take the above, jumble around and drop here. Like I said, it really doesn’t matter. Johnson will want this win more than any other, but he’s yet to prove himself under tremendous pressure. Luckily this year every game will bring tremendous pressure. Oh, and Mack Brown hates babies and A&M! (W/L)

The way I see it they have a legitimate chance at not worse than a 9-3 season. 9-3 to me, given last year is a success but given the chance to be even better, it’s a fail. For some reason I think they lose the Arkansas game and will lose either Oklahoma or texas. That’s a two-loss season and a good chance at playing for the Big 12. IF, and a big IF they do play for the Championship, they will win that game.

10-2 is truly what I expect this season. Whether or not that’s good enough for a Big 12 championship who knows. As I said before there are huge question marks, primarily the O line and defense. I’m placing all my chips in on DeRuyter bringing this D back to old form...especially with some guy named Dat Nguyen helping out!