Cesc Fabregas: With Cesc Staying, Will Wenger Finally Spend the Cash?

Ryan KusyContributor IIAugust 7, 2010


Finally it is over, and as many and all Arsenal Fans had hoped, Fabregas is staying...for now.

It will come to many as a surprise this week, when you look through the rumor mill and see nothing relating to the topic of Fabregas going to Barcelona. However, you must not be fooled, this was only the beginning of their tactics, Arsenal may have held off Barcelona this summer but they will surely be back.

But what exactly does this mean now that the biggest transfer saga this summer is finally over for Arsenal?

It means it is time to finally focus fully on the season ahead, and finish up putting together a title-winning worthy squad.

As long as Fabregas and his future were up in the air, it was hard for anyone associated with Arsenal to focus fully on this upcoming season. He is the captain, the leader, and the most vital player to Arsenal, and his absence would cause a massive blow to the team so close to the start of the season, and a gaping hole in Arsenal's midfield.

There were still numerous reports that when Cesc returned to Arsenal on August 5th he was going to hand in a transfer request to leave. He himself said he did not comment on his future up until now because he was unsure what he was going to do until that point.

This could mean much for Arsenal now. In my opinion, this finally allows Arsenal to spend that reported £45 million Arsenal have in their transfer kitty. There is no need to worry about replacing Fabregas (just yet) on the team. Wenger has always been a fan who plans for the future and there was no doubt he had looked into multiple possibilities to replace Fabregas.


I believe it would not be left up to just one single player to replace Fab, but multiple (two or three players). Leaving such a responsibility upon any one player would surely be too much for them to handle, and pressure to live up to.

Lets be honest, if Barcelona offered Arsenal £50 to £60 million (his true market value) for Fabregas  Arsenal's stance could have been much different. It is easy to be firm and reject offers when there is a £20 million gap between you evaluations of a player.

Wenger could have been waiting to see how this tug of war between Arsenal and Barca played out. Had Fabregas left, Wenger would need to bring in reinforcements to replace him. Arsenal would have to spend between £40 and £50 million on players.

However now Arsene Wenger is free to concentrate on the real problem in the Arsenal team—defense.

The reported £23 million bid for Reina is I hope the first of numerous high profile players Arsenal could be linked with bringing in this summer. Reina, a vastly experience keeper in the EPL (probably the best in my opinion) would dramatically improve our title credentials, and hurt one of our direct rivals.

It would easily break Wenger's transfer record for any player, let alone a keeper (Arsenal have a history of buying keepers cheap). Maybe now Arsenal can finally fix their goalkeeping and defensive problems.

Wenger could have easily afforded many of the people Arsenal have been linked with recently, however he is renown for not overpaying for players, and buying them for their true market value. I also believe the future of Fabregas was lingering in the back of his mind and has played a role into why Arsenal haven't sign some much needed defensive signings yet.

As I type this Arsenal are now winning 4-3 against Legia Warsaw after being down 3 to 0 early on...two of the goals we have up on corners, awful defending, and keeping on those corners. Chamakh scored a header for Arsenal, followed by two goals from Eboue within 8 mins and young gun Kieran Gibbs scored the go ahead goal.