Ziggler Wins Intercontinental Title: Good Or Bad Decision?

Hannah EllicockContributor IAugust 7, 2010

So this week's edition of Smackdown sees another worthy intercontinental champion's title reign come to an end, as Kofi Kingston loses his title to Vickie Guerrero's newest pet, Dolph Ziggler.

If Kofi Kingston had been an awful and unworthy champion, a bit like The Miz has been with his United States Title, and if Kingston hadn't had to put up with crap from Drew McIntyre, if he never defended the title and didn't deliver the quick pace, high flying action matches that he provides the "WWE Universe" on Friday Nights, I wouldn't be one to complain.

As cocky as Dolph Ziggler may be, he's a damn good competitor, but on a personal level, I feel he isn't well cut out for any gold just yet. No matter the fact, that he has been tipping to main event style matches, I still think Kofi shouldn't have had his title taken off him just yet.

My main problem with Ziggler, is his attitude towards what he does in the ring. He doesn't show a relationship with the crowd, and he doesn't let a proper personality shine through.

If Ziggler had won the title without the help of late, great Eddie Guerrero's widow, Vickie, and had been able to get this far on his own to earn the title shot in the first place, I may be more understanding.

I'm trying to come to a decision as to whether the WWE have made a good decision, or a bad one?

Are we just going to see another reign in recent WWE history where someone captures a title, and has all the ability to have a jolly good reign, but they don't defend it, and just wear it as a fashion accessory down the ramp to the ring?

The Miz is a shockingly good example. He held his United States championship for months and months, and then captured the Unified Tag Team titles with The Big Show (also using Big Show improperly there too in my opinion).

The Miz is as charismatic in the ring as most heels within the business, and he is actually more than capable when it comes to in-ring ability, but his reign has been nothing but dull.

I was ecstatic when The Miz didn't manage to retain his title and lost it to R Truth a few months back. But what? R Truth managed to keep hold of the title for maybe a month, before The Miz got it back.

You'd have thought his reign this time would be more entertaining. As in, defending it, building feuds over it, connecting with the crowd through the title. But nothing. Not at all.

So I guess what I'm saying is Dolph Ziggler is absolutely capable of being Intercontinental champion, and being a good one, but will the WWE make the same mistake with him as they are with The Miz?

Will the Intercontinental title turn into nothing but an accessory? Will it just be the subject of bragging rights?

Let me know your opinion on the new Intercontinental Champion, Dolph Ziggler, and where you think his reign will end up.