Pro Wrestling: August 6th Review of WWE Friday Night Smackdown!

Chris O ConnallCorrespondent IIIAugust 7, 2010

Rey Mysterio/Drew McIntyre Promo

Woah, this was a lot longer than I expected!

Rey came out and says he didn't attack Undertaker and vaguely described what it's like to drown—because telling children what it's like to drown is ''PG!''

Drew came out and asked Rey how could he have taken out the Undertaker. He says that he's been pulling the wool over everyone's eyes for years and that he's no hero.

Drew challenges Rey to a match tonight, and after some deliberation, Rey agrees.

He threw the microphone at Drew and left the ring.


Matt Hardy vs. ''Dashing'' Cody Rhodes

Another good match on the blue brand!

The match was littered with nice spots that got a few pops from the live audience.

The match featured Russian legsweeps, sunset flips, bulldogs, the ''Twist of Fate,'' and the ''Cross-Rhodes.''

Cody picked up the win after Matt inadvertently gave himself the ''Snake Eyes'' in the corner, which led to Rhodes hitting his finisher and picking up the win.

A good match on free TV. Not a five, but close enough!


Laycool Relinquish one of the Women's Titles

Teddy Long decided to put his foot down and ordered Laycool to give back one of the belts.

After hesitation from Michelle and Layla, McCool decided to hand hers back. However, she turned to Layla and says ''You owe me.''

Layla and Michelle argued and broke the other Women's Title, which was obviously a replica.

In my opinion, this was sort of a ''planting of the seeds'' for a future feud between the two. 

Not the most interesting on Smackdown, but important nonetheless.


Kofi Kingston vs. Dolph Ziggler w/ Vickie Guerrero for the Intercontinental Title

Another good match here for Smackdown.

Kofi showed us the more aggressive side of his character again this week by using non-stop offense against Ziggler when he was on top.

He didn't listen to the referee and ignored his counts. This furthers my belief that he will either turn heel or get pushed soon.

Vickie added another dimension, and I have to say, I enjoyed her participation in the match.

The finish came when Kofi hit ''Trouble in Paradise,'' but was unable to cover Ziggler. Ziggler recovered and hit the ''ZigZag'' for the win.

It's nice to see WWE put the belt on Ziggler. It's about six months late but it's a step in the right direction.


Kofi Attacks Ziggler

Again, this further solidifies my theory that Kingston is in line for a push of some sort. He displayed a lot of previously unseen aggression.

He started off by throwing Kofi into the announce table, toppled it over, bashed Ziggler's head into the ringsteps, and sent him head first into the steel steps.

The referee restrained Kofi as we go to a break.


CM Punk Promo

This was a great promo from CM Punk.

It reminded me of the first few promos he cut during the birth of the ''Straight Edge Society.''

Perhaps the creative team are breathing new life into the SES? Hopefully.

As I said last week, the angle is a bit repetitive. The attack last week reminded me of Triple H ''breaking'' Big Shows hand, while the whole storyline reminded me of the Kurt Angle/Big Show programme a few years ago.

Anyway, great stuff from Punk yet again, it's becoming a regular thing these days!


CM Punk, Gallows & Joey Mercury vs. MVP, JTG & Chris Masters

Not a very long match. It could have been so much more.

Masters and MVP must be two of the most underutilised talents and the WWE is letting them rot.

Gallows took the win with a big boot after Punk kicked MVP in the head.


Kane and Rhodes' backstage promos were very good, but too short to be considered for reviewing.

Both promos got good reactions from the fans and I enjoyed them.

Drew McIntyre vs Rey Mysterio

This was a great main event—the fans were into it, the competitors told their story very well, and the match had good pace and rhythm.

The momentum shifted back and forth between the two like a pendulum and the match had intensity from start to finish.

The match featured DDT's, bulldogs, and a sit-out face crusher, just to name a few.

Rey took the win with a roll-up after escaping the ''Future Shock'' DDT.


Kane/Rey Altercation

After the match, Kane appeared with a casket.

Drew attacked Rey from behind and when Rey recovered, Kane was standing before him.

Rey backs out of the ring and into the casket—which freaked him out—and headed up the ramp.

Rey gets on the mic and said that it was Kane who attacked the Undertaker.

Kane dropped to his knees and did his half laughing, half crying thing and cried out ''no'' repeatedly to close the show.


Final Thoughts:

Another solid episode of Smackdown this week.

The opening and closing were very good.

The highlight of the night goes to the Drew-Rey match. It was an exhilarating contest.

The ''Vegegtative State'' storyline has progressed nicely and it has taken a nice turn this week.

The show wasn't as good as last week, but that would be next to impossible.

I'm looking forward to next week's show.

Final Rating: 4/5

Thanks for reading.


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